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How to get the perfect close shave

Getting the perfect close shave is not impossible but it certainly requires care to achieve it.

Despite the rise in popularity of beards in recent years, many people still believe that a well-groomed, clean-shaven appearance is timeless. Men all over the world are starting to understand the value of taking care of themselves and how important…

How to dress up like a sexy vampire

Nail your vampire look this Halloween with these tips

Usually, when we think of vampires, we picture them wearing all-black attire. In contrast, there are numerous diverse vampire fashion styles in vampire folklore. It seems fine for the vampires’ guiding principle. In fact, the virtuous vampires in the most…

DIY Jack O Lantern

Halloween is here and as a man it is essential to now how to carve a jack o lantern for your family fun.

It’s that time of year again, when old dress-up clothes resurface, cobwebs are strewn over house facades, and sales for pumpkins perfect for carving into jack-o-lanterns skyrocket. Making a jack-o-lantern is a tradition that dates back to 19th century Ireland,…