Gardening: Growing out of Boredom

This article will introduce the various benefits, and know-how of gardening to help you start your gardening journey.

Gardening means taking care of and growing plants, usually in a garden or any available space. It involves planting, watering, weeding, pruning, and harvesting, among other things. It can be done for many reasons, such as growing food, making beautiful…

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The Situationship

The whole purpose of a situationship is to avoid the pressure of a relationship but is it really the most optimal solution to a relationship.

These days, it’s hard to keep track of all the available words to define one’s relationship status. People aren’t just “single” or “in a relationship” anymore—they have friends with benefits, polycules, monogamous partners, swinging sweethearts, booty calls, and situational relationships,…

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Tips to succeed on dating apps

Dating apps as a concept have clicked with the younger generations more than any and are one of the go-to's when it comes to dating.

Are you perplexed as to why you aren’t getting luckier on dating apps? This riddle has many answers. We live in a world where super-likes have taken the place of meet-cutes and grand gestures. Let’s start from the very beginning…

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How to set Realistic Goals for Men?

Everybody has dreams, and reaching all the way to the top is the perfect motivation that drives them. Setting and pursuing realistic goals not only increases one’s self-esteem and spiritual happiness but also helps them meet them. Yet, simply creating…

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The idea of a Male Homemaker

This is actually good if we have a homemaker dad, because with equal participation, he gets his fair share of me-time.

Every office-going couple experiences a situation where they must choose between having a child and pursuing their work at some point in their lifetime. The majority of the time, this question only affects women; this significant change at home has…

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Guide to Streetwear for men

Streetwear and street fashion in the last decade has taken the fashion world by storm especially in the world of menswear.

The good news is that streetwear has also grown up. So, if you want to change your style or just improve your jeans-and-sweatshirt wardrobe, here are six ways to wear streetwear without looking like you’re trying too hard. How to…

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What Makes Men Look Weak?

When it comes to confidence, we all have areas where we are strong but are you aware of the areas where you gentlemen might come off as weak?

When it comes to confidence, we all have areas where we are strong and areas where we are weak. Confidence is often associated with competence; the better you are at something, the more confident you are in your ability to…

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Men Aging like Fine Wine

Aging can be a scary process to go through especially middle aged men, but there are ways by which you can age like fine wine.

Men are prone to look younger as they grow older when compared to women. There are scientific studies from which we can draw inferences. There are a lot of factors that contribute to aging. Rhetorically speaking, who says we can’t…

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What is “The Modern Gentleman”

Since what is a gentleman is so important, we thought it was time to explain how we see a gentleman now with the help of out experts

The word “gent” or “gentleman” is used all the time these days in men’s magazines, blogs, and conversations. Everyone seems to use the word “gentlemen” for a wide range of men in videos. A reader recently told us that anything…

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Did you miscarry or your partner

Paternal variables, such as sperm health and age, may also contribute to miscarriage, including recurrent miscarriage.

Miscarriages are frequently related to problems with the mother or the expectant individual. Recent studies, however, have indicated that paternal variables, such as sperm health and age, may also contribute to miscarriage, including recurrent miscarriage. Let’s examine miscarriage risk factors,…

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How to be a Superior Man?

Men can feel superior for plenty of reasons, such as economic prosperity, good looks, a great body, etc but know the real reasons.

How do we measure superiority in men? Trying to be a better version of oneself through one’s bicep size or his way of life? These are common dilemmas for men. Superiority may fall into a grey area, as it comes…

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