Dating as an Ambitious Man

Being ambitious is an attractive quality until you actually start to understand the layers it carries. Often, ambitious people unintentionally affect people around them. An ambitious man is attractive, as you may like a person who thinks about the future.…

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Female Masculinity and its validation!

Female Masculinity

                                      When it comes to Masculinity, men are the obvious preferred choice, and masculinity is often considered as superior traits in men. Female Masculinity or Masculine women are considered ‘manly’ and society takes no interest in women who have masculine…

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Why do Men resist Therapy?

Why men resist therapy

I’ve always been around male friends and hence I’ve seen the stages of grief, expression, processing emotions men go through. No doubt the societal pressure of being the breadwinner for the family and many such  norms have a  negative impact…

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Perils of Toxic Masculinity in Men!

Toxic Masculinity in Men

Men are supposed to behave in a certain way since the ancient ages. They are perceived to be strong, emotionally invulnerable and aggressive resulting in a stereotypical notion of them being devoid of any weakness or emotions. Phrases like ‘men…

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Being wary of Fake feminism

A detailed guide on how men can tell real feminism from fake feminism and identify women who only pretend to support the cause.

“Feminism,” as per the Oxford English Dictionary, is the belief and aim that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men. It has nothing to do with man-hating, gender-bending, or anything else. It’s just female advocacy. When people…

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