Ways to grow your beard faster

faster ways to grow beard

Facial hair or beard growth begins to develop in males throughout adolescence. Many of them will see that the upper lip is where their facial hair initially starts to develop. People may also see the beginnings of facial hair on…

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Struggles of bearded men

bearded men face their own share of struggles that others can't even begin to imagine.

We young men are currently learning the hard way that, , great responsibility comes with a great beard. Bearded men love to live by this quote! Sure, having a beard is pretty amazing, it makes you look lot hotter, and…

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How to deal with beard hair loss?

beard loss is more common than you would think.

Men tend to lose their hair frequently, which can impact their confidence and, in some circumstances, entirely change how they feel about themselves. Men do fear beard hair loss too. Lead medical advisor at Chemist Click, Abbas Kanani, discusses Alopecia…

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Go Vegan on your Skin

Vegan skincare is a great skincare option for men.

If we go back a decade ago, the beauty and skincare industry in literal terms, was all about animal slaughter. For years, the skincare industry has used animal by-products, which are deemed to be harmful, for both our skin and…

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Acne Treatments for Men

Know the acne treatments for men.

Most of the boys usually get acne as teenagers. However, sometimes it can last much longer than teenage years. Even grown, adult men end up having acne, sometimes, severe acne. One of the biggest causes of acne can be changes…

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