Men in female dominated profession

women office

The presence of males in occupations with a female predominance is still relatively low in comparison to the rising participation of women in occupations with a male predominance. Little is known about the occupational trajectories of males who forge a…

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Male dependency on women

We see “dependency” as a negative term whereas if we examine closely, there is no such phenomena in this world that works independently.

We live in a world where women are raised with the notion of being ‘dependent’ on men. Whether it be relying on their fathers for pocket expenses or having a brother’s protection while going out late at night, women are…

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Being wary of Fake feminism

A detailed guide on how men can tell real feminism from fake feminism and identify women who only pretend to support the cause.

“Feminism,” as per the Oxford English Dictionary, is the belief and aim that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men. It has nothing to do with man-hating, gender-bending, or anything else. It’s just female advocacy. When people…

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Go Vegan on your Skin

Vegan skincare is a great skincare option for men.

If we go back a decade ago, the beauty and skincare industry in literal terms, was all about animal slaughter. For years, the skincare industry has used animal by-products, which are deemed to be harmful, for both our skin and…

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Etiquettes Required in a Gentleman

This International Men’s Day theme ‘Better Relations Between Men & Women’ raises a prominent question of ‘how’. Here’s your guide to become a true ‘Gentleman’. This International Men’s Day theme ‘Better Relations Between Men & Women’ is quite appropriate as…

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