By Ridhiman Das

13 Essential ties for men to have in their wardrobe: from must haves to luxury

August 23, 2022

Ties are an age-old fashion style among men. They are not the most talked about style statement but have never gone out of fashion and are one of the best ways to take your outfit up a few notches. They are versatile, readily available and have a plethora of options to choose from depending on preference, use and financial state, from essential ties to luxury. We have compiled this list for that specific reason. Continue reading to know more!.

Solid Silk tie

The most basic and commonly seen tie, the solid silk tie, can be seen around the collars of many working professionals and on formal occasions. The solid silk tie has an assortment of colours but the commonly used ones are dark shades of blue, red, and black. Due to its simplicity, it is crucial to match these ties with your outfit and skin tone, making it one of the least versatile tiles on this list.

Grenadine ties

The grenadine tie is considered a luxury tie resembling a simple knitted tie. The grenadine tie is woven rather than knitted and is weaved primarily in Italy. It is an elegant silk tie that should be in your wardrobe as part of one of your essential ties. Due to its high quality, it is a long-term investment that will last you for years

Wool Grenadine

A wool grenadine tie is different from its summer counterpart due to its thickness, matte texture, and lesser wrinkles. Due to it being made out of wool, it is an essential tie for winter outfits. They are also available in different designs, from polka dots to stripes.

Polka Dot ties

Polka dot ties may sound overbearing, but you would be surprised to know how well-suited they are for informal or casual occasions. They are the most fun way to pop out any outfit, making you look youthful and stylish.

Striped Repp tie

These are a staple classic in any men's wardrobe and are an absolute essential tie for any occasion. They are available in various widths for the stripes and can be worn with any outfit by coordinating the colours accordingly.

Shantung Tie

These ties are part of the high-end luxury ties which, by connoisseurs, are considered the gold of the tie market. They are known for their irregular stubs or knobs due to them being woven from pure silk, which is its speciality. These ties stand out from other silk woven ties due to their matte texture rather than their shiny friends, which gives it a debonair look creating an outfit for a truly well-dressed gentleman.

Plaid ties

These ties are known for their patterns. Plaid ties have been around for quite some time but have only recently become trendy and are now considered a staple for any men's essential wardrobe. They are a great winter option, worn with a solid colour coat or suit.

Prince of Wales tie

These are part of the high-end luxury ties and are known for their quality. It is made out of crisp, dry, worsted cloth and has a fine texture and firm feel. These ties are of British origin and look beautiful with any solid colour jacket. These ties are also available in printed designs and are great for business outfits.

Houndstooth tie

A houndstooth tie is the same as the houndstooth pattern, a unique textile pattern resembling a hound's tooth. They have been around for decades and are a great winter addition to your solid suits and coats.

Macclesfield Neats ties

Macclesfield ties were woven in Macclesfield, England and hence got their name. They are part of the small printed design ties, which can be worn in any suit or coat. They are available in many colours to choose from and can be worn for both formal and informal causes.

Paisley tie

Paisley ties have an Indian and Persian heritage with a teardrop-shaped motif with curved ends. These ties are designer in nature with ornate patterns but can also be minimal and clean, depending on your preference. These are essential ties to the men who love to be noticed and be present in the eyes of others.

Floral tie

Floral ties are the new trend amongst courageous men to try and bring art to their suit and tie combination. They are best worn at weddings and parties where you will stand out as one of the best dressed. An essential tie for men who like to be loud with their outfits at parties or celebrations. The flower patterns can go from gorgeous to outright lively and loud.

Novelty tie

Novelty ties are extravagant in their designs and art that are not exactly a fashion statement but are for joviality. They are printed with the most unusual designs, such as planets, puppies and even colour-popping blotches.

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