How to be in a Committed Relationship? –

By Deepti Dogra

August, 13, 2022

If you are thinking of turning your casual relationship into a committed relationship, you might not know that it takes a lot to be in one. There is a lot of hard work when you are committing to someone as they expect a lot from you. As a man, you will be expected to be there for them when in need. It requires a lot of communication as well as other healthy habits that, perhaps, were not there before. Fret not, we are here to help you out in this transition as you commit to your partner.

Whether you choose to talk face to face, through calls, texts or video calls, communication is needed for sure. You need to open up and be vulnerable enough to share all aspects of your life.


Giving Space

You must give them space as well and set a few boundaries. These boundaries can be physical, emotional, electronic as well as sexual. You must communicate these boundaries to them.

Your Sex Life

It is quite important for the both of you to have a healthy and interesting sex life which is fun and pleasurable. When in the bedroom, try to keep things exciting for each other. Perhaps, you could try roleplay and spice things up a little!

Recognise Your Needs

Understand what you really want from your partner and from your relationship. This leads to self growth and self growth is quite important in a relationship

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