By Deepti Dogra

How to be a Friend in Need

August, 22, 2022

Being friends with someone is always an amazing feeling as there are so many feelings as well as emotions for you to share with them. While one day you might be ranting about your underpaying job with them, the other day you may be telling them all about your wonderful relationship. And whether you rant or not, they listen to you, like a good friend and value your feelings like they should. However, when they need you in their life, are you a friend in need?

Be Specific

Be specific while offering him your help. You can say, “ I am going to the supermarket, can I get you a few things while I am there?”. Specific offers are more likely to be taken up by your friend.

Offer Help You Can Give

While you might want to help your friend in every way possible, there are some things that are out of your hand and you need to accept that. If your friend has lost his job and you hastily say in a moment that you will find a new one for them when you can’t, you will only let them down.

Small Gestures

A nice card in the mail to let them know that you care about them will go a long way. Apart from that, a voice message to calm them down will also make them feel better.

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