Guide to Watch Organiser


By Ridhiman Das

August 24,2022

A watch organiser is the same to a man as a jewellery box is to a woman. It is an essential item in storing your watches all in one safe place and they come in glass cases which means you also get to place them as a decorative display piece and show off your prized collection that you have built over time.

Watch Box

They are easily available and come in various options ranging from plain wooden boxes with compartments lined with velvet cushioning and added extra space to keep your accessories such as your watches and shades. Depending on your collection they are available in different sizes capable of storing three to eight watches.

Watch Rack

A rack is another type of organiser for your watches to be kept on display. They look attractive and make it easier for you to select the watch you wanna wear for the day. Although they look exquisite they are not the best in terms of security due to it still keeping the watches exposed to nature, theft and having the risk of them falling from the rack.

Roll Case

The roll case watch organiser is a great storage unit as it takes up less space and is easy to carry around if you’re travelling. They are closed with a lid that is strapped to a button, keeping it safe for travel. They are premium looking and also keeps the watches safe from bumps and hits when travelling.

Watch Pouch

Due to their small size, they are travel friendly and can be kept in your purse with no worries. Even though they are not the most recommended watch organiser as the watches tend to lose their original shape they make carrying your watch collection much easier and safer.

Velvet Tray cases

Valet trays are like jewellery trays and can be put up for display on your dresser or wardrobe. They are best used for a watch that is daily used and should not be used for long duration storage as it will not help protect your watch from any sort of damage. The soft cushioning of the velvet does provide a smooth base to your watch.

Watch Stands

A watch stand is a classy way of storing your watches and keeping them up for display because of their fine wood finish. They are an excellent way of making sure your watches do not lose their shape and are better than racks as they do not hang down. But they share the same problem of not being protective of your watches from natural elements

Luxurious watch organiser with state of the art technology

There are also some watch organisers that come with built-in winders. They help in keeping your watch stored safely and also keep them winded according to your preference. These are luxurious watch organisers and are usually available depending on client demand and customisation of how you would like your watch to be winded allowing you to program it according to your plan. These watch organisers are some of the best worldwide.

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