Fashion for Senior Men: How to keep yourself Presentable

Men tend to hit the hay when they have pushed 50 and have the  majority of their life sorted out, except of course the occasional  earful from the wife for being lazy. Most men past 50 just stop trying  as the latest fashion trends do not cater to them, this in turn makes  them feel uninspired to take care of themselves past a certain age.  Hence here we are with tips on Fashion for Senior Men.


By: Ridhiman Das

August 22, 2022

Invest in a good leather jacket

Investing in a quality, true leather jacket is going to be one of the  most important pieces of clothing you’ll ever need due to its  versatility and no age limitation. A solid brown or black leather jacket is going to easily fix up your outfits by bringing a much more macho,  fun but age appropriate look to your wardrobe.

Light coloured trousers or chinos

Men in the older stratum of the age group tend to have a common mindset  that light colours only work when you’re young, dark colours are the  only ones you need to invest on. Light coloured trousers or Chinos can go well with one of your favourite dark coloured t-shirts.

Investing in this piece of clothing will make you look macho and yet  will keep the age appropriate benchmark as most older men are scared to  look younger than their age at the cost of unwanted stares and labelled  as ‘corny’.

Classy Long Coats

Tailored suits

A well tailored suit from your favourite brand is one of the primary investments for a man pushing 50. Besides, who doesn’t love seeing a man in a suit, at an age where the  competition to look suave is much less, a well tailored suit will make  you stand out of the crowd.

The Classic polo- shirt

Hitting 50, most of your polos are most probably wrinkled and faded.  Invest in some solid coloured polos and your wardrobe will thank you for  the several outfits you could pull off with just three solid polos. Our  suggestions include Maroon, Black and Olive Green.

Unspoken rules of Fashion for Senior Men

Some guidelines for unspoken golden rules that come with every fashion style. Fashion for Senior Men has their own set of rules that are to be used as guides:

Solid colours

At an age when not every pattern or print suits you correctly, solid  colours are the best choice a man can make in terms of wearing polos,  pants, coats and even shoes. Solid colours will give you the best return  on investment for any 50 year old man and is a great choice of fashion  for Senior Me

Investing in quality statement pieces

Good shoes, a premium watch and a suave leather belt are statement  pieces that every man needs in his wardrobe. In your 50’s it is the best  time to invest in those luxury statement pieces that are guaranteed to  stay with you for several years to come. You can also go for that gold  ring and the prada briefcase if you wanna take it further

A good coat can turn over any outfit

Invest in a good suit that you could only think about wearing all these  years. You’ve hit half a century in your life, it’s time to put away  your old suits and get one freshly cut suit from designer brands that  will make you look and also feel good. Remember, a man in a suit is  never a turn down.

Finding your best suited brand

Track down your favourite brand, possibly the one whose products you  had used the most over the last few years and stick to it. You’ll  develop a healthy relationship with that brand which will come with its  own perks of discounts and gift hampers.

Consistent grooming

Most men after the age of 50, give up the idea of keeping a beard or  keep it trimmed and neat if they have one. With age comes more  maintenance, so keep some time aside for at least twice a week, to keep  your hair and beard trimmed, cleaned and moisturised so that you don’t  look like that dishevelled old man that is a stereotypical character in  most movies and shows.

Do not wear only Sports or running shoes

Most men after they get past the age of 50, get lazy and only wear  sports shoes for every outfit. It’s considered the quintessential go to  look for old men which never even started as a fashion statement but as a  lazy and comfortable way to get dressed up for anything. Ditch the  sports shoes for some fine sustainable leather shoes that will make you  look classy and also works with most outfits


People say that a man increases in attractiveness when they grow older.  Grey hairs especially are seen by most as a sign of wisdom and also  natural attractiveness. Fashion for Senior Men is not the most difficult  especially in terms of outfit selection as compared to others, all it  takes is a little discipline and consistency to create that habit and  demeanour of a suave and masculine male.

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