Stay On Top of your Prostate

Stay on top of your prostate

By: Dr. Rajeev T P The prostate is a male reproductive organ. This small gland is located below the bladder. Its main role is producing and fine-tuning semen. The prostate has a variety of functions. Most important is producing seminal…

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Best Year End Tips for Men

And another year with COVID amongst us is about to end. These past years, pandemic restricted our movement and made us all miss the mundane life. Although, it also got our minds reloading and understanding that in our race to…

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How to keep things hygienic down there?

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“Hygiene is two thirds of health.” This Lebanese proverb does make a lot of sense. So many diseases are caused by poor hygiene, especially intimate hygiene. It’s the most important place that requires proper hygiene. Men tend to be lazy…

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