How to be a Superior Man?

Men can feel superior for plenty of reasons, such as economic prosperity, good looks, a great body, etc but know the real reasons.

How do we measure superiority in men? Trying to be a better version of oneself through one’s bicep size or his way of life? These are common dilemmas for men. Superiority may fall into a grey area, as it comes…

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DIY Jack O Lantern

Halloween is here and as a man it is essential to now how to carve a jack o lantern for your family fun.

It’s that time of year again, when old dress-up clothes resurface, cobwebs are strewn over house facades, and sales for pumpkins perfect for carving into jack-o-lanterns skyrocket. Making a jack-o-lantern is a tradition that dates back to 19th century Ireland,…

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Attaining peace within

It is important for a man to attain peace within to stay happy with his life and himself.

September is marked as the month of International Peace Day. But peace is not just about fights at the borders, but also about fights within. Peace within contributes to peace around. In this hustling marathon of career, relationships, responsibilities and…

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Powerful Life Hacks for Men

Life hacks for men can help them succeed

We all want that lottery ticket that gets you $1,00,000 so that you are able to live a luxurious life without labouring away. Sorry to say, but this article is not about that, however, it is about those simple tips…

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