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Get on a fitness journey with these Mobile Apps

A man working out while being guided by a fitness app on his laptop.

We are amid another set of restrictions imposed due to the third outbreak of COVID19. This unrelenting pandemic has created various restrictions in conducting different regular activities especially with regards to fitness routines that usual men love doing in their…

Best Meditation Music Genres for Men

best meditation music for men

Meditation is considered dull due to which people often feel demotivated to practice meditation, especially in the mornings. Meditation is generally advised to practice alone due to personalised motivation, unique methods adopted by everyone and the requirement of a peaceful…

Piles in Men

Piles in men

One of the most common medical problems yet least talked about is piles. Men in particular who often avoid sharing their personal problems tend to ignore the condition and pass off the discomfort as temporary pain. If any individual is…