We are in a race with time and a man is left with no other choice but to eliminate factors like physical and mental wellbeing over the invisible burden of things. In the age of ambition, scarcity of time becomes common. This leads to utter ignorance and suppression of irregular emotions and forms a pile of unresolved thoughts. This is the origin of stress induced conditions which are most commonly observed among men. We understand how this situation is for all. Third world factors induced in the ecosystem of a man also play a key part in this process. To break this vicious chain, experts say it is required that we take steps towards enhancing mental abilities and releasing the mind of its burden. Meditation is the first step in that direction. Meditation as a practice has been around for more than a millennium. Just like the comfy mattress in your room, meditation is a resting place for the brain cells. A few minutes of laying on the bed can release the stress on your muscles, meditation can relax and calm you down mentally and acts as a double agent for releasing stress of the mind and body. 

What is Meditation?

While meditating, you streamline focus, eliminating any and every clobbered thoughts in the deepest parts of the mind. Doing so results in a state of tranquility. This frees the cells of their hard bound position of transporting jumbled ideas and in turn induces relaxation and calm apart from the ordinary. Once a man understands this new change, the impact of this process widens. Men end up in stressful situations every next minute and meditating can benefit you the most. Focusing your thoughts at just one point of contact has great emotional impacts and greater physical impacts. 
One gains a new perspective in terms of mental wellbeing. This opens the door to innovative capabilities of a unique man. Meditation arbitrarily keeps a check on stress inducing thoughts which also results in low risk of stress prompted diseases. Such diseases are extensive and chronic. A worthy enough example would be high risk of heart diseases in men under 40. Whatever happens, you don’t need to worry a bit, because you have ‘Best for Him’s’ free for life DIY courses, not only for the men, but for everyone. Filter and find the kind of meditation for your stress.’

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Types of Meditation

Guided meditation- imagine a place where you are the most calm and use that image to induce sensations like sight, sound and smell, and textures that ultimately help you relax. You may need a guide and this a time consuming technique. We recommend taking this up on a weekend. 

DIY Guided Meditation

Mantra meditation- apart from the common perception of a sanskrit mantra in play, you use a calming word or phrase in your native language to sideline second thoughts. 

DIY Mantra Meditation

Mindfulness meditation- mindful meditation is the practice that makes you more self aware. You focus on what your body undergoes while in meditating state, which opens a gateway towards acceptance of self and others. 

DIY Mindfulness Meditation

Qi gong- a traditional chinese combination of meditation, physical movement, breathing exercises and relaxation. 

DIY Qi Gong

Tai chi- a form of martial arts that consists of a self created series of gestures carried out gracefully adjacent to deep breathing.

DIY Tai Chi

Transcendental meditation- this is a simple technique which allows you to activate deep inner peace. You silently recur a mantra, a self assigned word, phrase or sound in a specific way. 

  • Transcendental meditation
  • Yoga- developed in India, yoga is a set of postures with great attention to focused breathing. The practice creates a focus shift from disturbing elements to performing art. 

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