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Magazines have been a Manifestation of people’s life and beyond. Evolving through the Print age and now steadfast in Digital age-Magazines have travelled a long way! Magazines have covered a plethora of subjects ranging from Lifestyle, Amusement, Entertainment, Sports, Music, etc. In Men’s Context, the first Magazine related to Mens Niche was started in 1933 called Esquire which still runs today. In this article, we elucidate top Men’s Magazine to follow in the Print and Digital domain. 

  1. GQ– GQ or formerly called the Gentlemen Quarterly’s is one of the oldest and influential Men’s publication Magazine. It is a monthly Magazine and has leadership over readership. It has 21 International editions- the first being the USA edition launched in 1957. GQ focusses on various verticals such as Wellness, Style,Travel,Politics, Grooming and Culture for men . GQ has been closely associated with metrosexuality. Moving on with the Lifestyle , the Magazine has expanded its coverage beyond Lifestyle issues , fetching a prestigious Pultizer prize in feature writing for Rachel Kaadzi Gansah for her article about Dylann Roof, who had shot nine African-Americans in a church in Charleston. 
  1. ESQUIRE- Credited with being the oldest Men’s Magazine, Esquire has been in realms since 1933! With 20 International editions, Esquire focusses on Men’s Lifestyle, Entertainment, style, and Politics and is also credited with pioneering the New Journalism Movement in 1960’s. It prints 6 editions in a year. Esquire has achieved a milestone in use of unconventional topics and feature topics. It had published works of Notable writers like Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner. Transcending through a  range of Diverse Men issues , Esquire is one to look out for.
  1. MEN’S HEALTH- One of the World’s best Men Magazines, Men’s Health has 35 editions in 59 countries. Covering areas of Lifestyle  such as Fitness, Nutrition, Fashion and Sexuality for Men, Mens Health is the best selling Men’s Magazine on US newsstands. Launched in 1986, Men’s Health has pivoted the Mens lifestyle and health vertical through its various print editions.  The magazine also has a huge traffic on its Website Menshealth.com which goes in millions every month.
  1. BEST FOR HIM-  Incepted as a movement for Men, Best For Him is a Lifestyle Digital Magazine focussing on Men issues. It covers a dynamic range of areas such as Health, Fitness, Attitude, Sexual wellness, Grooming among others for Men. Promising to bring a revolution in Men’s lifestyle, Best for Him delves into Men’s lifestyle deeper with Content produced by experts. It raises issues which  are reticent and rather intimate.
  1. MAXIM- Originally started in the UK in 1985, and then shifting to the USA in 1997, Maxim is an International Men’s Lifestyle and Entertainment Magazine which publishes 16 editions in 75 countries! Maxim usually features female celebrities on its cover page and is famous fo use of bold images. Its Digital version harnesses a traffic of 4 Million every month. Its website says, “ Catering to the modern man with content that promises to seduce, entertain and continuously surprise readers”. 
  1. MW – Earlier called Man’s World, MW is one of India’s Men luxury Lifestyle Magazines. It covers a diverse range of areas such as Lifestyle, Entertainment, Books, Reviews, Culture, Travel, etc. MW started in 2000 to capitalise on economic Liberalisation and targeted young Men who were coming of age. The company which owns MW also publishes another Magazine Rolling stone India, the Indian edition of Rolling stone. Working with many reputed International  brands, MW regularly features Luxurious brands and has a huge traffic on its website. MW started in 2000 to capitalise on economic Liberalisation and targeted young Men who were coming of age. 
  1. FHM- FHM is a British MultiNational Magazine started in 1985, initially titled For Him Magazine. Earlier a Print Magazine, FHM moved to Digital landscape in 2015 and since then it is only available in Digital sphere. It covers areas such as Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle. Each of FHM‘s international editions publish yearly rankings for the sexiest women alive based on public and editorial voting through the magazine’s website. 
  1. HiConsumption- HiConsumption is a Digital Magazine dedicated to Modern Men Lifestyle. It is a Magazine dedicated to a different kind of Niche such as adventure, Tech, Gear, Automotive and Style. It reviews Modern day Bike Gears among other things .

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