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The only silver lining about the Pandemic is the time we spent binge watching  movies and tv shows. There is hardly any day when new content is not released on OTT platforms. Sometimes, we are awestruck by a movie’s trailer but instead of a good experience are dejected watching it . Ideally Men have a different taste when it comes to watching movies, they usually prefer action and crime thrillers over Rom Com. It would be wrong to say that Men don’t prefer romcoms or comedy movies but, they are more inclined to choose the former.

To avoid being perplexed as to which movies to watch, here is a list of movies which Men should unhesitantly watch :

1. Pulp Fiction (1994): One of the best liked films on Netflix and arguably one of the best movies ever made. Pulp Fiction directed by ace director Quentin Taratino stars many big names such as John Travolta, Uma Thumran, Bruce Willis among others. Juxtaposed with humor and strong violence, Pulp Fiction offers an unconventional cinematic experience like no other. Recipient of numerous awards such as Academy award for Best Original Screenplay, Pulp Fiction is a classic mixed with style which Men will cherish. Pulp Fiction inspired many soon to be followed movies which reflects its style and essence. It is a must watch! 

Where to watch: Netflix

2. The Goodfellas (1990): Goodfellas pioneered the gangster drama genre and is widely regarded as one of the best films made in this genre. Directed by Martin Scorsese with some greatest actors of all time like Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, Goodfellas is a treat to watch. It is a biographical drama on the rise and fall of Mob boss Henry Hill and chronicles the journey from 1955 to 1980. Strong acting, great screenplay, amazing storyline are some of the ingredients offering a great cinematic experience. Men have always been infatuated with the Gangster crime genre and this movie is exactly what they should binge irrespective of the timeline of the movie. 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime video

3. Fight Club (1999): Starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in lead roles , Fight club has gained the reputation of being a cult classic following lukewarm commercial success when it was released in the year 1999. Falling into the psychological action dark thriller genre, Fight Club offers a rare quality of cinematic experience. Film shocks the audience throughout in every possible way and could be called as an intellectual piece of work. Fight Club  portrays inhibitions and anger in a spectacular manner where an individual repressed takes on . With great action scenes , and captivating storyline, Fight Cub is a must watch movie. 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

4. Saving Private Ryan (1998): Saving Private Ryan is classified as the greatest war movie of all time.Directed by acclaimed Director Steven Speilber, and starring Tom Hanks, Matt Damong among others is a multi Academy award winner movie. Story set during the Battle of Normandy during World War 2, Saving Private Ryan offers a unique type of  realism which will touch your heart. The main crux of the movie is for a search of a paratrooper and to save him, as three of his real brothers have already been killed in pursuit of war. With great cast, captivating direction, splendid storyline and action sequence, Saving Private Ryan can emotively move anyone. For Men, this an invaluable addition to their GOAT (Greatest of all time) collections. 

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

5. Django Unchained (2012): Multi Academy Award winning movie, Django Unchained is the highest grossing Quentin Tarantino movie ever. Consisting of a long and great starcast, it features actors such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Jamie Fox, Samue Jackson among others. The story revolves around a black slave who follows and trains under a German Bounty Hunter, with an ultimate aim of re-uniting with his wife. Following into a genre of Satiristic humor and powered by astonishing acting and intriguing storyline, Django Unchained is hard to miss for any Men! 

Where to watch: Netflix

6. Rocky (1976): One of the best Sports movie ever made, Rocky took the world by storm in the year 1976 and was one of the highest grossing movie that year. Rocky is a story of Boxer Rocky Balboa portrayed by Sylvester Stallone which became an iconic role. The movie follows a rags to riches story depicting Stallone’s humble roots to becoming a World Champion. Praised by critics and audience alike for its terrific performances and great storyline, Rocky is a complete entertainer. Why should Men watch it ? Because it is an inspirational story worthy enough to motivate and change Procrastination habits. Rocky was the first in the successful Rocky franchise , later five more movies were released. 

Where to watch: Prime Video

7. The Pursuit Of Happiness (2005): The Pursuit Of Happiness is a Biographical Drama based on the life of stockbroker Chris Walker portrayed by Will Smith. The movie chronicles Chris one year of homelessness during his struggle. Chris went on to start his own stockbroking company. The pursuit of Happiness received Universal critical acclaim for Will Smith acting and its emotive storyline. Men especially fathers will sense great emotions in the scenes where Will Smith struggles with his son and has to sleep in public toilets during the phase of struggle. The film was a critical and commercial success. 

Where to watch: Prime Video

8. Inception (2010): Falling into the category of science fiction , Inception is a movie directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Leonardo Dicarpio, Tom Hardy, Cilian Murphy among clothes.. Rated as one of the best Science fiction films, Inception became a Global hit  fetching numerous awards. Inception dives into the human subconscious. Leonardo plays a professional thief who steals information by infiltrating into the subconscious of others. A strange mission follows with a team. Hailed for its ‘intellectualism’ and out of the box content, Inception is a must watch for every Men . 

Where to watch: Netflix 

9. Inglorious Bastards (2009): Another Masterpiece by Quentin Taratino, Inglorious Bastards is a Historical war Drama containing a multi star cast. The film tells the story of a Jewish American Hitman squad  group formed of soldiers to instill fear in Nazi Germany soldiers and eliminating the Nazi  leadership. It contains various anecdotal names and events fictionalized in a very captivating manner. Great acting and splendid storyline, Inglorious Bastards offers a treat for the eyes. Nominated for various awards and accolades, Inglorious Bastard is a classic! Men will have a great spree watching this one. 

Where to watch: Netflix 

10. The Social Network (2010): The Social Network :The Social Network is a 2010 Biographical film based on the Book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich and directed by David Fincher. Thefilm became a critical and commercial success both in the USA and outside. Social Network encompasses the journey of Social media giant Facebook from its inception in Harvard university by Mark Zuckerberg and others and.  The film traces the journey and all the inside details which went into reckoning . In times of Digital media and Social literacy, The Social Network gives a chance to go behind the scenes.  

Where to Watch: Netflix

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