Testosterone and Depression risks in Men

Low and high levels of testosterone can have an ill effect on men’s health and could lead to depression and disorders. Therefore, men need to take care of risks that occur because of testosterone and depression in their body.

The testosterone level in men is likely to develop at the age of 20 and its level starts declining after the age of 40. With the growing age the body goes through numerous hormonal changes. Most of the men hardly figure out these changes in their body. 

Low levels of testosterone in men can lead to problems in life that have a direct effect on their health, that includes personal problems, not having full concentration on work, and multiple health risks. 

Low or high levels of testosterone also affects the mental health of men. When the level is out of balance or low there are symptoms of anxiety, depression, sudden mood swings, to name a few. 

It is found that taking irregular gym supplements that are not suitable for men’s bodies without consultation of a doctor can be one of the reasons for low levels of testosterone in them or by doing excess exercises that can risk their health.

Most of the young men are too focussed on their body building that they neglect what their health status is, and when they fail to make their body as they expected, that can easily lead them to depression which can affect their health in many ways.  

Testosterone and depression risks in men are related to each other, and should be taken care of. 

It is found that high levels of it can contribute to an increase in depression rate, whereas low levels of it can lead to depressive orders in half of the men depending upon the hormones. It is advisable for men to keep their physical as well as mental health in check as it can affect various innate processes of their body with a direct effect on their health.

Proper regulation of testosterone level in men’s body leads to less stress level and a decreasing rate of depression. 

Common symptoms of depression in men

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Here are some of the common symptoms – 

  • Low concentration level
  • Issues in sleep and schedule
  • Excessive stress of work 
  • Isolation from everybody
  • Restlessness 
  • Personal issues
  • Change in behaviour a lot
  • Lack of interests in everything 
  • Low energy levels 
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Engaging themselves into irregular activities like drugs, excess drinking.

Low level of testosterone health risks in men

Here are the changes men face if they are having low level of testosterone – 

  • Increased rate of fatigue
  • Insomnia as low energy level can lead to sleep deprivations 
  • Increasing body fat
  • Thinning of hair
  • Loss of hair
  • Bones getting fragile
  • Functioning of metabolism gets affected
  • Facing emotions like sadness, lack of concentration on memory

High level of testosterone health risks in men

Here are the changes men experience on high level of testosterone, it can be due to – 

  • Having heart issues resulting from bad levels of cholesterol which could easily affect their health.
  • High chance of developing blood clots.
  • Can cause infertility too.
  • Excess of body hair.
  • Having various skin issues.
  • To have a sudden Increase in their diet.
  • Low sperm count that can affect their physical and mental level.
  • Sudden swelling in the body.
  • Gaining weight suddenly.
  • Having bad mood swings.

Relationship between testosterone and depression 

There are factors which could be possibly related to the testosterone and depression level like obesity, excess of smoking, drinking, doing irregular diets, taking too much of gym supplements, stress, lack of energy and concentration level. 

Testosterone is one of the hormones responsible for social, physical, mental, sexual behaviour in men and is also responsible for their mood and energy levels. Low testosterone levels could possibly make their way to disturbed sleeping schedules, infertility, decreased libido, loss of hair,and more. While the high levels of testosterone can result in excess body hair, increased body fat, frequent mood change, etc, along with many problems that could possibly damage the men’s health at physical, mental and emotional level. 

How to tackle 

Man consulting an expert for his depression

A simple way to tackle testosterone and depression risk in men is that if facing any symptoms of these, should immediately check with a doctor in order to have better health. As high and low both testosterone levels in men can cause health risks to them, therefore treatment for this may contribute to a better living for men in their lives.


It’s always better to keep a check on your health and getting tested regularly for better health and future. Men should get tested for their testosterone level if facing any of the issues above, and consult a doctor as it can help them to avoid other health issues.

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