Putting limelight on ‘Healthy Benefits of Body Massages’

It is considered that body massages are for women, but what about men? There are many benefits of body massage that men should know about and should apply in their life.

There is no doubt that body massage is the best and instant solution for getting relief from stress, body pain, headache and other kinds of problems. 

Men are likely to not share their issues more often which could result in building up in stress, irritation, anxiety and anger issues. A massage can help in getting relaxed and also helps in improving men’s health by providing multiple benefits to them which also keeps their mind and mood fresh. 

Massages can help Men in various ways like more concentration, better sleep, relief from headache, back pain, muscles get relaxed, skin gets better, reduces stiffness, and more. There is massage therapy available, which can ease all the pain from the body at once and gives a calm effect to the body. At present time, massages are available in every clinic, hospital, even in salons. 

According to the *study published by American Massage Therapy Association, in 2021, only 75% of men got a massage for health and wellness reasons over 71% of women. Considering massage for pain relief only 25% of men had it while the percentage of women was 28. The study also stated that there are more men getting massages for pain relief than women. 

However, it is important to note that now-a-days many men not only go for massages for health reasons but also to destress and get a break from their normal routine and stress. 

Here are some types of body massages:

Aromatherapy massage

This is recommended for the ones who love fragrance and enjoy scents smells while having massage and feel emotionally happy. This massage includes use of essential oils with gentle pressure, focusses only on shoulder, back, and head. This can help men to reduce stress levels, pain, and boost up their mood. Its duration is 60 to 90 minutes.

Swedish massage

If you are new to massages, we recommend the Swedish Massage. It includes massaging with vibration, tapping and joint movements. The duration of this is 60-90 minutes.

Stone massage

High muscle pain and stress are becoming a part of your life? Try a stone massage. In some ways it is similar to Swedish massage, the only simple difference is that here stones are used in the hands of the masseuse for the massage of the body. It helps in easing muscle pain very quickly, providing relief, improvement in blood flow and relaxation of mind. In this massage heated stones are perfectly placed on the whole body and the massage is 90 minutes long. 

Deep tissue massage

It is one of the best massages in which more pressure is applied on the deepest layers of the tissues, muscles and joints than any other massages. It targets connective tissues that support muscle and joints. It includes benefits such as relief from muscle pain, injury, tightness, soreness and imbalance. Done for 60-90 minutes. 

Trigger point massage

This massage can be taken into action when you are suffering from various injuries, pains, can refer to this massage, as it particularly lays pressure on the specific point so that you can get rid of the injury or pain soon. 

Sports massage

It is normal to have when you indulge in sports activities, but it is equally important to cure that pain at the very moment only so that you can get relief from it, and focus on your game again. This massage focuses on soft tissues of the muscles and includes various massage techniques, including vibration, stretching, and gliding. These techniques help in getting relaxed very swiftly. 


Body massage to get pain relief.

Cure injuries

Massage helps to cure sports injuries or even daily workout injuries and can help in avoiding cramps, injuries and also improves flexibility. 

Relief from stress

Relief from stress, this is the firstmost advantage of massage men can have. It is found that massage is the bestest and fastest solution to cure stress, anxiety, and depression issues. Therefore, massage can be an effective solution to these problems. 

For good blood circulation

One of the benefits of massage for men is that it improves blood circulation very effectively and adds to their better health. Massage improves blood circulation and helps muscles, joints, veins in better functioning, that contributes to overall health. 

Self Care

It is good to give time to yourself and look after your health. Massage therapy can provide men the escape from their busy stressful life, workload, long exposure to work, and adds relief to their energy, good will, and mind. 

Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is one of the essential features of good health. By having a good massage men can have their quality sleep which can improve their concentration, mood swings and environment.

Lowers the Blood Pressure

High blood can be the cause of death, itr can be because of a heart attack, kidney failure, or may be other internal issues. That ‘s why it is advisable for men to get their blood pressure checked frequently. Massage therapy, proper diet, and good sleep can be the natural ways to lower blood pressure. 

Good Skin

Massage helps to treat skin too as it removes dead cells, does tissue repairing, which helps to get good and healthy skin for men.

Helps with Stefiness

A good body massage can reduce stefiness.

By doing an all day desk job and sitting in front of the laptop that  can cause neck – back pain and doesn’t have a great effect on eyes too. Therefore, men can switch to massage as it eases the pain very quickly.  

Helps in maintaining body posture

By having a full body massage men can enhance their posture as it softens the tissue and is a great help in maintaining a healthy posture.

Helps in reducing migraine

There are chances that muscle pain, not sitting in the correct position which could possibly have a bad effect on the neck can lead to issues leading to headache and migraine, therefore men can have massages that could possibly avoid these issues so that they can work efficiently and properly.

Improves Digestion 

As massage can be the simplest solution to get rid of this problem without taking any medicine. There are numerous ways for it. It also helps in nutrient absorption and in digestive hormones too. 

Reduces constipation

Massage can be an effective way to reduce constipation. Men can take a massage as it helps in constipation and provides relief from bad mood and discomfort. It helps as by massaging it can release waste products and gas which can ease much pain, and provides instant relief. 


To make life better and body more active, body massage can be the supreme and natural solution to it, with relaxation it provides multiple benefits to health as a bonus. There are many massage therapies available which can definitely provide a break out from the bustling schedule and can provide relaxation to the whole body with a soothing effect. 


*Study published by American Massage Therapy Association: https://www.amtamassage.org/publications/massage-industry-fact-sheet/

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