Chew on these seeds for better health

Does anybody ever have the idea that the tiny seeds can actually be a powerhouse of nutrients? There are some best seeds for better health which are said to be a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fibre, proteins and surely should be included in the diet. But still many of us are unaware about its qualities and don’t consume it. Read on and find some of these seeds.

For a healthy living we eat different food items that provide vitamins, minerals, and protein, but what if we get all these nutrients in one, wouldn’t it be the best thing? We have the exact solution. Seeds! By eating seeds like pumpkin seeds, sunflower, chia and many others, you can get all these nutrients at one go. There are some of the seeds for your better health.

Seeds constitute healthy fatty acids, antioxidants, and amino acids. By including different seeds in your diet, a man can lower the risk of diseases, as they help in reducing blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, heart risk and prevent cancer too (Isn’t that great?).

Although, that doesn’t mean that you should have it all at once, as excess of anything, even if healthy, can turn into a disaster. You can have two tablespoons of different seeds everyday. Apart from eggs, chicken or other protein rich food, seeds can help you fill up your diet needs of the day.

There are different ways a man can consume seeds. You can have them raw, baked or even put them as an ingredient in your shakes, for a healthy living. Also, if you are looking for a more natural replacement of your vitamins, then we recommend that you switch to seeds.

The best part about eating seeds is that it is an appreciable source of plant based protein, and is a better option than your big box of protein powder.

Although, if like us you are not so eager to just have raw seeds in your diet, you can consume them after baking or include them in your breakfast like cereals, garnishing or in soups. One added benefit is that seeds can also improve your sexual health. 

Some of the best seeds to eat are –

Flax seeds

flax seeds as seeds for better health

As discussed above, seeds are the way to nutrient rich properties and flax seeds boldly tick that mark. They contain omega-3 which can be good for your health. Instead of taking a lot of protein before going to gym, just add flax seeds in your shake daily that provides you with enough protein for the long day. 

These seeds are not only a way to your protein intake but you can also have it if you are suffering from high blood pressure as its properties lower the levels of it. Antioxidants present in this helps to reduce the chance of heart diseases and bad cholesterol.

Chia seeds

All the seeds are rich in various nutrients and somewhat share similar properties, so is the case with chia and flax seed. Both containing omega-3 levels, are a source of fiber and other nutrients. Just have a little bit of chia seeds after a meal that would automatically decrease the blood sugar level. 

Sesame seeds

These seeds also have a wide range of beneficial properties and are considered to be the best source of lignans and reduces inflammation. 

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are a total surprise as they are a rich source of protein, and contain amino acids that the body sometimes is unable to produce.

Pumpkin seeds

Prostate health is a major concern of men’s health and you’ll be happy to know that pumpkin seeds are one of the best solutions in strengthening the prostate gland and in improving hormone function. When the body is unable to produce sufficient amounts of zinc that is required for the good sperm count and fertility, pumpkin seeds can be a great solution to this.

Sunflower seeds

These seeds are one of the best ways to keep up with your health in middle age. As it lowers your chance of having a heart disease, and magnesium present in these seeds can decrease your chance of asthma and blood pressure. Also it is effective in fighting inflammation. 


These are seeds for better health of men

To maintain a healthy life is not a difficult task. For having a routine that aids your body, there are a lot of things recommended by a lot of people, and guess what at times we follow it blindfoldedly. But everyone’s body is different and the best way to keep it on track is through natural food ingredients.

Just have a look at the multiple benefits you’ll be getting by eating only these tiny healthy seeds. So keep yourself away from the chemical based food items by relying on the goodness of seeds. Add them to your diet and witness the difference it provides to your health.

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