Benefits of Laughing Yoga for Men

Laughing is the greatest stress buster. This International Yoga Day let’s understand the benefits of laughing yoga for men.

International Yoga Day has been marked as 21 June, of every year. It is the day all the yogis are celebrated and the benefits of yoga are taught with vigour. This International Yoga Day, we are bringing to you the benefits of laughing yoga for men.

During your morning walk to your local park, you must have seen elderly people standing together in rows and laughing their heads off. Some might think that they’re laughing at a joke, while some might wonder, why are they even laughing? Well, let me tell you, they’re actually laughing to get rid of their stress with laughing yoga. Laughing yoga is a form of movement and breathing exercise that incorporates deliberate laughing and breathing techniques. There are numerous health benefits of laughing yoga. 

A minimum of five minutes of laughing yoga a day can do wonders to your mind and body. For men with tight schedules, laughing yoga is a great exercise. Laughing yoga might seem way too simple for an exercise, however, it can do wonders to your mind and body within days of practising it. 

Rahul (name changed), a chartered accountant hailing from Mumbai was thriving at his job. However, things went south when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Despite proper medication and diet, his blood glucose level barely improved. Because of the diabetes, he was depressed all the time and was worried about his health. Seeing this, his friend suggested that he join a laughing yoga club. At first, he was sceptical about wasting his precious time on such a club and whether it would reap any benefit at all. 

Fast forward to two months, Rahul went to his physician who told him that his blood sugar level was moving towards normal. Even he noticed positive changes in himself as he was in a good mood most of the time. For him, joining the laughing yoga class was the best decision. 

To pertain the same, we have listed out some benefits of laughing yoga that can do wonders to a man’s health:

Improves mood

Men who practice laughing yoga will instantly feel cheerful after a session. Improved mood is an immediate benefit you can get from laughing yoga. The practice releases beta- endorphin, a chemical responsible for creating a relaxed and good mood through positive physiological and biochemical changes, making your mood instantly joyful. It also reduces the level of cortisol, i.e. stress hormone.

Laughing yoga is seen as a catharsis that can help one get rid of negative emotions, stress and anger. It is an effective tool for men as they can obtain the level of relaxation one gets after meditating.

Increases oxygen levels in our body  

Oxygen supports the entire biological energy of the human body. It plays a pivotal role in supporting the body’s immune system. Oxygen is an element which we can’t afford to miss out on. To contain oxygen within us, we need to take deep breaths and flush out the toxins by breathing out. The mechanism of laughing yoga allows longer exhalation, which as a result replaces our lungs with fresh air filled with oxygen. This makes our body rich with oxygen.

Men who regularly participate in laughing yoga get benefits equivalent to aerobics, as an intense session of aerobics has the same effect on our body.

Reduces the level of blood glucose

It was observed that laughing yoga can reduce blood glucose levels among men with diabetes. Practising this exercise for 30 minutes every day can help you to achieve a better blood glucose level.

Improves immune system

To maintain good health, it is important for men to maintain the health of their immune system. A good immune system helps us to keep infections, diseases and cancer at bay. Negative emotions tend to weaken the body’s ability to fight off diseases.

Research found, laughing yoga has the ability to increase antibodies, which are in charge of fighting off certain bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. It prevents diseases like common cold, sore throat and chest infection.

By participating in laughing yoga, men will be able to see drastic health improvements.

Pain management

Laughing has the ability to increase lung capacity and strengthen abdominal muscles. It also leads to the release of endorphins in the brain, which helps to control physical pain. Men suffering from illnesses like spondylitis, arthritis, muscle spasm and other chronic pains can benefit from this exercise and expect a comparatively low intensity of pain. It would also uplift their mood, that’ll allow them to be more tolerant towards such pains.

Aids in respiratory diseases

Men suffering from respiratory ailments like asthma and bronchitis can benefit from laughing yoga. Laughing removes mucus from the respiratory tract, allowing more oxygen to enter the lungs. It also increases the level of antibodies in the mucus membrane, which helps to reduce the frequency of chest infection.

Men suffering from asthma can benefit from laughing yoga. Stress is a predominant factor behind asthma attacks. As laughing yoga has the ability to reduce stress, it also reduces the frequency of asthma attacks.


Today, laughing yoga has reached an international audience. It is a great form of exercise for men as it incorporates breathing techniques with physical movement. A 15 to 30 minutes session of laughing yoga provides a sense of peacefulness and well-being. It instantly uplifts one’s mood and has numerous benefits.

Men who find themselves confined to work must take out a few minutes off their schedule and participate in this therapeutic exercise.

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