Benefits of Batch Cooking

No matter how much organic food we consume, we all know that home-cooked meals are the most wholesome. Cooking can be a fun hobby for some of us. Inhaling the aroma of your own cooked meals is indeed a rewarding feeling, however, it can be difficult if you are always on your office desk throughout the day. If you’re a man who’s devoted to their profession, you must know the feeling and consequences of not eating healthy due to the workload. Some may regret, while some may like to rekindle their eating habits. Well, you can bring a change to your eating habits with the benefits of batch cooking!

When it comes to a simpler way to have a wholesome eating routine, batch cooking can be an option. Batch cooking is when you prepare your meals for the next week and store them. Provided you have a good fridge to keep it cool and intact. It takes a bit of planning and experimenting with ingredients when one starts batch cooking. However, it is an economical and healthy way of having healthier meals everyday. 

Here are some benefits of batch cooking:

Pocket friendly:

It is much easier to buy an entire lot of a week’s ingredients than to order restaurant-cooked meals everyday. With batch cooking, you can have nutritious foods in a much cheaper amount. 

A favoured method of batch cooking is to prepare and store the main ingredients that usually take time to cook. Ingredients like vegetables, meat and spaghetti can be chopped, marinated and boiled beforehand. You can store them for weeks in your refrigerators or freezer. Even if you’re health conscious, you won’t have to buy a whole salad to keep a check on your calories!

Wholesome and healthy:

Batch cooking always makes you end up with a healthy alternate meal as whenever you're hungry there is food stored for you.

As a matter of fact, any food that is home-cooked with the perfect amount of ingredients is much healthier as compared to take-aways. You’re loaded up for the week with stored, ready to eat healthy meals!

Men who are busy and prefer take-aways over cooking daily are deprived of nutritious meals. With batch cooking, you can keep a control of what is added in the food, instead of eating pasta from your local take-away restaurant, which probably has an unhealthy number of calories and excess oils.

Good for the environment:

Almost every take-away you purchase, the containers and even straws have some level of plastic present in them. This is further disposed into our surroundings, harming the environment. According to PETA*, every year, single-use plastics like straws, bags and even containers end up in the ocean, causing irreversible damage to the environment and animals living in the ocean. 

With batch cooking, we usually use reusable containers from our own kitchens. Even this small change in our lifestyle can have a positive impact not only on our health but also the ecosystem.

Expands your options: 

you can add variations to the same meals which makes batch cooking fun and healthy.

To many, the concept of ‘bulk cooking’ may seem like, preparing the same dish in a huge amount. Seems tedious right? Well, do not fret, as you can be innovative, even while deciding upon an entire week’s meal plan! Batch cooking gives you the occasion to add varieties to your regular meals. 

How? By simply experimenting with things like seasoning, spices and preparation of your food. With a bit of creativity, you can have a different meal every day while at the same time eating the usual. Just add in some of your favourite ingredients and see what turns out on the table! You never know what turns out to be your new favourite.


Batch cooking is a great choice for men who are knee-deep indulged in their professions. It is especially beneficial for the single, working men tribe. 

The food prepared in the process can be stored in a fridge or a freezer. You can also assemble the ingredients and do the needful seasoning and marinating. While you’re ready to eat your meal, just toss all the ingredients in a pan and you’re good to go!

Gentlemen, to start a journey toward healthy living, it is important to start from your gut. 

With the benefits of batch cooking, enjoy a healthy and guilt-free lifestyle.


PETA statistics for the use of plastic:

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