Maintaining Proper underarm hygiene for men

Men seem to have different perspectives about underarm hair. While some of them take great care to periodically trim them and meticulously apply deodorant, others simply don’t care. The second group thinks it’s very feminine to shave their underarm hair, but that’s just not true.

More than your beauty, this is for the benefit of your grooming and even your health. Both men and women should be concerned when their hygiene is jeopardised. And you should take extra precautions to preserve yours if you’re a guy who sweats a lot or has a lot of armpit hair growth. If not, you risk attracting skin problems and body odour and alienating others. Men should follow these five tips from Team BFH to keep their armpits clean:

Regularly trim your underarm hair

Men differ in their preferences for how they want to maintain their underarm hair. Some like to leave it as is, some frequently shorten it, and some prefer to remove it entirely. While the decision is entirely yours, we advise that you occasionally trim it in order to maintain good hygiene and appear well-groomed. If allowed to grow out of proportion, the sweat and sebum secreted from the underarms can make the hair in that area dry, itchy, and odorous. Set your razor at the length you prefer and control it to prevent this.

Always use shaving cream

Armpit hair is not accorded as much value in terms of appearance or aesthetics as a man’s mane or facial hair. So many people don’t care about taming it. Although this is acceptable, they sacrifice their personal cleanliness in the process. In fact, some people who do trim their underarm hair skip using a shaving cream or gel like they would for their beard. When combined with sweat, this causes rashes and redness, which can lead to significant skin problems.

Apply antiperspirant 

An offensive odour is one of the biggest turn-offs for women. Additionally, you are at a disadvantage if you are a man and your underarm hair grows quickly or you perspire a lot. You must therefore make additional effort to smell good. Make it a habit to apply deodorant or perfume anytime you go outside, especially if you’re headed to a formal event. Also, use antiperspirant spray before you go to bed and if you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun.

Get new razor blades

This is basic knowledge, but many individuals, particularly men, have a tendency to compromise on it. You run the risk of irritating your underarm skin and allowing redness and rashes to wreck havoc on it if you don’t replace your razor frequently, or at least the blade. Purchase a new one every 5 to 10 shavings. Additionally, use a different razor for your armpits and refrain from using the same one on your beard or any other part of your body.

The rescue is in home remedies

Applying various items that are frequently available in the kitchen to that area will help preserve underarm hygiene. For example, cucumber or potato juice works wonders to lighten your underarms and eliminate odour. You can also dab your armpits with a few drops of water-diluted apple cider vinegar and then rinse it off after a few minutes. This doesn’t have to be done every day. To maintain proper hygiene, perhaps once or twice every month.


Use these suggestions to maintain excellent personal hygiene! Your underarms would look much more better and you will not have any odour problem.

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