Beard Hacks

The majority of men want to, but frequently are unable to develop a strong, thick beard. But there are various beard hacks that men can use to ensure for a better beard.

While there may be many causes for this, men can utilise a few easy tips to help their beards not only grow out healthily but also appear fuller and have more volume.  Here are a few tips to help you grow a strong, full beard.

Trim and Shave

We advise starting with a good, close shave if you have recently decided to grow a beard or have just begun planning it. And we’re not advocating that you only need to shave your face twice. You need the closest shave a man can muster right now. Shave with a straight razor. When compared to most multi-bladed razors, they tend to offer a better and closer shave, making them excellent if you want to thoroughly clear the slate. It is one of the understated beard hacks.

But after you’re done, forget that you ever used a razor. Or, even better, give up on the notion that shaving is necessary for keeping your beard; a trimmer or shaving machine is a much more effective and convenient alternative.

Use both a beard oil and a beard balm

An oil for your beard is not the same as a balm. Many of the formulations have various uses and should thus be used in combination. A decent beard balm will not only help you style a beard, but it will also give it some volume and make it easier to maintain your beard clean and healthy. A good beard oil will help you deal with problems like having a patchy beard and poor beard growth. Many of the scents that are typical in beards can also be eliminated with a decent beard balm, especially during the monsoon season. They are crucial if you want to eliminate the frizz in your beard. Just be sure, especially when purchasing beard oils, that you select options that promote beard growth.

Try quitting smoking

It is a well-known fact that smoking is detrimental for your health. The fact that smoking makes your hair and beard brittle and prone to breaking is a reality that is sometimes forgotten. Additionally, it gives them a very unattractive texture that is filthy and gritty. If cutting back on your nicotine consumption is not an option, try cutting back on how often you smoke. And no, using nicotine patches, e-cigarettes, or chewing gum does not qualify. In fact, if studies are to be accepted, they are more damaging to your hair and beard than cigarette smoking. Hence giving up on your addictive habits is the one of the faster beard hacks for better growth.

Make use of a shampoo that promotes hair development

Let’s face it, we have all done it: thinking they were all the same, we used a face wash or a bar of body soap to wash and scrub our beard. Right? Big error!  Regular soaps, shampoos, and face washes are far too abrasive for the skin on your face and beard. Try obtaining a beard wash that is suitable for your skin; this will address a variety of issues. The dandruff on your beard will be swiftly eliminated. Second, it will assist you in addressing the beard odor caused by bacteria that develops on your skin. If you want to hasten the growth of your short beard, keep in mind to choose a shampoo that promotes beard growth.

Consider combining almond oil, lemon, garlic, and honey

This is a simple procedure that has the power to significantly accelerate the growth of your beard. Honey, lemon segments, lemon juice, garlic cloves, and almond oil should all be combined in a skillet and heated until the honey just begins to bubble. Allow it to cool. Once it has reached room temperature, apply a tiny amount of the resulting paste to your skin and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Use a nice facial wash and some cold water to rinse it off. After patting the face dry, use a moisturizer. This combination not only accelerates the beard-growing process but also firms the skin and promotes the thick, healthy growth of the beard.

Use alum and camphor

This is one of many old wives’ tales that, while they may appear a little shaky in terms of science, are nevertheless very effective. Excellent cleaning agents include alum and camphor. Attempt washing your beard with a pinch of alum mixed with ordinary salt. That will not only remove the dandruff from your beard, but it will also give it a thicker, finer volume without causing it to frizz. Alum’s ability to tighten skin and shut pores prevents contaminants from entering the skin and clogging pores, which is another advantage. The best technique to treat pimples under your beard is to cleanse it with alum and camphor since beards tend to draw more dirt and grime.


It might be challenging to keep your beard looking thick and healthy at times. But if you persist and occasionally apply these beard hacks, everything will work out.

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