All about the Handlebar Moustache

Admit it—you’ve fantasised about growing a handlebar moustache at some point or another.

It is undeniable that nothing beats the glory and style of a well-kept moustache that can be twisted.

It complements all face shapes. The problem is that growing one properly can be a little difficult.

Or does it? Is it really so difficult to develop a gorgeous handlebar moustache that may be twirled with pride? We think not.

All you have to do is take care of your moustache and stick to a quick yet efficient grooming routine, and you’re good to go.

You can develop and style your own handlebar moustache in a matter of weeks by following these seven simple steps:

1. Allow your moustaches to grow

You must first allow your moustache to spread, especially towards the corners of your lips.

Allow them to lengthen. The more conspicuously you can twirl your moustache and give it that gorgeous shape, the longer they grow.

Trim your moustache gently and strategically if you wish to.

2. Provide direction to your whiskers.

You must give your lip hairs a direction as soon as you notice them beginning to develop.

Simply stroke the hairs of your moustache toward the corners of your lips while massaging it. This helps prevent the moustache from getting in your mouth.

Stroke your moustache in two directions, with the lip bridge acting as the focal point: to the right on the right half and to the left on the left half.

Whenever you feel like it, apply beard wax.

3. Avoid using beard oils

Avoid beard oils while your moustache is only beginning to grow out until it reaches a specific length. If you must, only use a very small amount of coconut oil.

Once your moustache is a decent length, switch to a nice beard oil to give it a luxurious, voluminous feel.

4. Invest in a quality beard balm or wax.

If you want to get a large, well-styled moustache that has been spun into a circle or semicircle, you will need something to hold it in place.

Apply a tiny bit of the beard wax to the corners of your moustache and give it a gentle swirl.

5. Purchase A Tiny Moustache Brush

To comb and shape your moustache, you should also buy a nice beard brush. Just rubbing your moustache won’t work once it reaches a certain length.

Additionally, beard brushes assist you in giving those twirling moustaches a thicker, fuller appearance.

Simply brush your moustache by moving the right half to the right and the left half to the left. As you near the end, slowly trim your whiskers with the brush. Due to this, it has a pretty lovely shape.

6. Use a hair dryer

It will actually help if you use a blow dryer to soften the beard before shaping your moustache with a brush.

Additionally, it ensures correct wax settling and greatly aids in shape retention. Maintain low or medium heat on the hair

7. Exercise Caution When Trimming

Finally, exercise extreme caution whenever you trim your beard or mustache.

The bottom and top edges of your moustache should be softly trimmed to create the right lines, but you shouldn’t take too much away from the body.

Also, if you have trouble trimming things accurately with a trimmer, use a pair of scissors instead.

The Verdict… 

It may seem impossible to style a handlebar moustache. It becomes much simpler, though, if you know what you’re doing and have the correct equipment.

While you relax and proudly twirl your moustache, everyone will be impressed by how great it looks. 

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Palak Sharma
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