Rendezvous with Ajay Devgn on his fitness regime

Ajay Devgn is one of the fittest actors in B-town, venerated for his perfectly toned body. BFH‘s consulting editor Sourendra Das met Ajay at the Quest Mall to chew the fat about his journey, love for fitness and workout regime.

You are known to flaunt your six-pack abs even now when you get out of water; what has been your fitness regime?

I don’t follow a particular routine for working out. I am pretty casual about my workouts. A quality diet and just one and a half hours of exercise per day are plenty for me. I only adhere to the strict regimen if I am filming bare-body sequences. Then you have to get going; otherwise, I frequently forego challenging workouts. I firmly believe that nobody can maintain a flawless appearance all year round. You can be in shape, but you can’t always appear immaculate. You may occasionally not be in the best of health. It’s unhealthy to ignore your body’s natural cycles.

What is your regular diet and how do you break your meals?

My diet is hefty in protein, and I strictly avoid carbs in dinner. I also need to cut back on drinking. Avoiding carbohydrates at night helps counteract my drinking. Six smaller servings of my daily meals are distributed equally throughout the day. I consume some protein and coffee when I wake up. Then there is the daily exercise and supper. It’s crucial to eat to replenish the energy you lose when exercising. The next meal follows an hour later and is similar to a mini-breakfast. The next meal comes at about four in the evening, followed by a wholesome meal. Dinner is the final meal of the day. A cook and crew usually accompany me so I can keep to my schedule even when filming outdoors. Alongside, I always have my trainer Prashant Sawant by my side to ensure that I exercise adequately.

Do you think one’s fitness is symbiotic with a healthy mind?

I think being healthy and having six-pack abs are two quite distinct realities. Fitness is a subjective concept. Your body’s levels are under control when you are fit. You are deemed fit based on your blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. That, according to physicians, is the more crucial factor. Excessive running and weight training aren’t activities the human body is designed to perform. You engage in it because it benefits your professional life. I believe that getting fit should be a more natural approach. You should maintain weight by controlling your diet, taking daily morning walks, and exercising. Maintaining the health and functionality of your muscles should be the goal of your workouts. It should not only be about appearing muscular. Without a healthy mind, you cannot perpetually have a healthy body.

How does it feel to be one of B-Town’s most-coveted male actors from a simple college student at Mithibai college

Life has been extraordinary, and my college days in Mithibai taught me the art of collaboration. I ardently feel that when we are in sync with the entire set, the movie is bound to be a hit. Otherwise, my wife Kajol (Devgan Mukherji) and my kids are always supportive. I am glad to get love from my family and fans. Real success is being content and happy in life. As an actor, I always choose good scripts that bestow a message to society and are entertaining too. Mumbai has taught me that sky is the limit and one should always aspire to be the better version of his/her own self.

Sourendra Das
Sourendra Das

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