What you need to know about leather!

Leather is renowned for being strong and ageless. It is, however, also among the materials that require the most upkeep. It has a look that can’t be matched, and if it’s taken care of, it often gets more valuable as it ages. Given these unique benefits, the price of pure leather footwear and accessories is not at all surprising. However, of all other leather items, footwear is the one most often damaged due to the harsh conditions that they are subjected to.

Today, we’ll go over everything from leather shoe maintenance to extending their lives. Here is some easy advice on how to take care of leather shoes to assist you!

Do Not Let Them Near Water

No matter what kind of leather item you possess, it won’t be waterproof by nature. Water is poison to any expensive material, including leather. If your shoes do end up becoming wet, be mindful to dry them off completely. Put some dry paper towels inside the shoes to absorb any water after you’ve used them to gently dry the shoes. Don’t put them in direct sunlight, and don’t use anything that gets very hot, like a hair dryer or radiator.

Dry Clean Them After Dampening

It is impossible to properly remove the dirt without water. So you may give them a wet wipe because you cannot soak leather in water. Make sure you’ve used a shoe brush to get rid of all the extra dirt before doing this, or else the dust will settle inside the crevices and be difficult to remove. Now gently wipe your shoes with any old, moist cloth. If necessary, this can be done every day.

Cleanse & Moisturise

You must be familiar with leather creams and conditioners. These two items are crucial for maintaining the moisture in your shoes. This guards them against becoming overly rigid and breaking. Superficial marks can be taken care of by proper wiping and moisturising.

Apply your conditioner or cream with a fresh brush after dry cleaning your shoes. To further safeguard your soles, you might purchase a conditioner. With a brush, evenly distribute the cream, and then let the items air dry. Try to condition them every 6 to 12 months, depending on how frequently you wear them.

Waterproofing treatment

If you often wear such shoes, irrespective of what season it is, waterproofing is crucial for you. There are numerous treatments available that can be used to treat and waterproof your shoes. Once a year is sufficient for treatment if you want to get rid of the hair. Depending on how often you want to repeat the treatment on a monthly or seasonal basis if you choose that route.

If you wear the spray items, you might need

Store them well

Avoid using plastic bags, as they prevent good ventilation. Ensure that you store leather away from artificial sources of heat, e.g., radiators, which can cause it to dry and crack.

Making the Shoes Shiny

Finally, polish the shoes daily to maintain their brand-new appearance. The lifespan of these shoes is not increased by polishing, but it does give the shoes more lustre and freshness. You can use any type of shoe polish to polish them as and when necessary. It is a skin, and it can scratch. A lot of these superficial scratches can be prevented from deepening by regular polishing.

Invest in some maintenance gear 

To keep its polished appearance, leather requires specific handling and maintenance. You’ll need to spend money on high-quality brushes, conditioners, polishes, and shoe creams for that. Why not spend on some premium shoe care products in addition to some high-grade leather shoes? Be sure to choose the items based on the types of leather you have. For instance, whereas other types of leather might require polishing, your suede shoes won’t. We are confident that your hard work will be rewarded when you can wear those shoes year after year.

Here are some general maintenance tips :

Regularly use a soft brush or cloth to clean leather.

Ventilate leather frequently.

Avoid using artificial heat and let wet leather air dry. Never tumble-dry.

Every three to six months, use a specialised leather conditioner to keep soft.

Use warm water and a mixture of soap flakes to remove spots and stains.

Use a steam cleaner to clean up and remove any buildup from repeated use.

Test all conditioners, cleaners, polishes, and waxes in a discreet area first.

Never wash by machine.

Avoid getting leather wet whenever you can. Blot any moisture or liquid as soon as you can.

A hair dryer or radiator should not be used to dry wet leather.

Never iron.

Avoid cleaning it with water.


Leather footwear isn’t an easy thing to own. They are like a special member of your wardrobe, always ready to seek attention. You should maintain your leather footwear on a regular basis, and these pieces will easily last you for many years. Use all of these tips to take care of your shoes and keep them in good shape. Since it requires so much effort to maintain, make sure to have a limited leather inventory and treat whatever you have with love.

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