Ways to camouflage a beer belly

Has it occurred to you that no matter what you wear, your beer belly has a sneaky way to creep up to the human gaze, every single time? If your answer is yes, my friend, you’re at the right stop! It can be a strenuous job to hide a beer gut. However, it is not impossible if you follow our simple guide! Choosing your garments wisely and working up with the colour palette can do wonders when it comes to hiding a beer belly. Here are some ways that you can use to camouflage a beer belly.

Some guys like to run, while some like to hit the gym. However, some guys carry around that extra pound of their beer belly with glee! 

However, with this, comes the difficult work of dressing up in style and hiding the beer belly, all at once. The trick is simple! To dress up with outfits that in a way that flatter your entire poise. 

For this, you don’t have to spend loads of money on clothes. All you need is some staple garments and steps that would amp up your outfit!

Here are some ways to camouflage a beer belly that are modest, effective and classy:

Experiment with proportions: 

Oversized or loose fitted upper wear helps tremendously in concealing a beer belly.

Time to bring some cognitive dissonance into your outfits! But we do not mean it in the literal sense of the meaning.

As a matter of fact, one won’t notice your pauch when you’re rocking a long t-shirt and fitted pants. Going for a contrasting proportion would hide your beer gut as it creates the imitation of a balanced look. You can even go for prints as they can draw away the attention from your belly. However, choose your pattern wisely as the wrong print can be unflattering at times. Choose smaller prints and instead of horizontal stripes, opt for the vertical ones. 

Another way to work up with proportions is to go for a monochromatic look. Pairing up the top and bottom of similar colour would create a balanced, proportionate look. 

Shop for tailored pants:

A well tailored pair of trousers and a loose fitted upper wear are some of the best ways to conceal a beer belly through fashion.

When shopping for pants, always choose mid-rise. Mid-rise pants cinch your waist, creating a well-built look. 

One can even go for a nice, tailored fit when it comes to chinos and trousers. Once you are fixed with your bottom wear it will create the illusion of a more flatten tummy with which you can easily create a well-put together silhouette of yourself. 

When in doubt, layer up: 

Layering clothes is one of the most effective ways to hide a beer belly during winters.

When it comes to hiding your beer gut, there’s no better and easiest way than to layer up. Also, when it comes to up-styling a basic outfit, layering comes in handy!

Throw in a scarf, blazer or a shrug of similar or even contrasting colour to your regular outfit. Going for a nice-fitted jacket can easily draw the attention away from your belly. 

Whatever look you choose, always make sure to balance out your pants with the rest of the outfit. (Remember proportions?)

Avoid extremely loose-fitted clothes:

Contrary to the popular belief that loose clothes can cover your belly fat, they can actually highlight the very being you’re trying to hide!

We get it, oversized hoodies and tees are the rage. However, wearing extremely loose fitted clothes can seem to be unpleasant and unflattering to the eyes. 

Even if you’re shopping for the ‘oversized look’, try not to go too overboard with the bagginess. 

Go for darker colours: 

We all must have heard to opt for darker shades when it comes to camouflaging a problem area. When it comes to darker-colored clothes, they give us a slimming appearance to the silhouette and draw attention away from the belly, as compared to lighter colours. 

Colours like grey, navy, charcoal and obviously the classic black work well for men with a beer gut. To play with colours one can also go for darker counterparts of other shades.


Having a beer belly can be a pain when you’ve to dress up for the day. 

The long-term solutions to do away with a beer belly can be: exercising well, having a balanced diet and most importantly, having a clean, and healthy lifestyle.

However, when you’ve got to do a long shift and sit for hours at your desk, it can be difficult to follow this guide. Gentlemen, if you’re someone who’d want nothing more than to hide your beer belly, just dress up well! It is the most short-term solution to hide your paunch. But it is also should be a considered as a sign to cut down on your alcohol or beer intake as it is one of the main reasons for it.

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