Different Types of Cufflinks for Men

Cufflinks are an accessory that a man must wear while wearing a suit, no matter where he is about to go. Whether he is going to leave for a party, a night out for clubbing or just a date, cufflinks can certainly add on the charm to his look. These are quite small in size but definitely enhance a man’s look as he dons any type of suit. However, there are different types of cufflinks available for a man. Read on to have a look at them.

About to step out of the house wearing a nice suit? No matter where you are about to go to, a social gathering, work or a date, never forget to wear a pair of cufflinks along with it. These give you that finishing touch that you need to top off your look. When worn correctly, they replace the buttons of your dress shirt and are usually worn with French cuffs. Cufflinks are one accessory for men that will never make you look overdressed or over accessorised. They have a timeless elegance, supreme opulence as well as superb versatility which brings finesse to your look.

Keeping this in mind, we decided to elaborate the different types of cufflinks that man can wear along with his suit. Have a look below and make your choice!

Bullet Back Cufflinks

Cufflinks can make you look stylish.

As the name says, it is quite clear that these cufflinks have a bullet shaped back. Known to be the most popular type of cufflinks, these are the simplest and the most versatile cufflinks that you will ever find. If you decide to get these cufflinks, you will be joining a long list of men who have worn bullet back cufflinks for decades. These include a metal bar that attaches to the bar of the cufflinks. The metal bar can rotate 90 degrees which makes it easier for you to wear it. 

Whale Back Cufflinks

Whale back cufflinks are a bit similar to bullet back cufflinks as they too include a 90 degrees rotating metal bar that attaches to a metal bridge. However, they usually have a short and thick rotating bar which is rectangular. These cufflinks symbolise the ultimate combination of elegance, efficacy as well as the convenience of usage for many men. 

Chain Link Cufflinks

Cufflinks can enhance your look in a suit.

As the name suggests, you can assume that the cufflinks’ two ends are connected to a chain. These cufflinks are known to be the most traditional type of cufflinks. In fact, these were the original type of cufflinks in which a chain connects two sides. This link can be used to make the cuff looser if required. Apart from that, they look good from both the sides of the cuff.

Fixed Back Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an accessory for men.

Also known as button style cufflinks, these cufflinks do not have moving parts as they slide through your shirt’s cuffs without the need of any adjustments. However, they are a bit more challenging to wear than other cufflinks. The only advantage that you will get is that you do not need to make any sort of adjustments. 

Ball Return Cufflinks

Cufflinks come in various designs.

Ball return cufflinks have a curved post with a bit of heavy ball opposite the decorative head. While its faces vary with its design, its end will always have a round and curved shape. As they can be pushed against while you enter through the cuff’s holes, these cufflinks are known to be the easiest to wear. They can usually be found in precious metals, such as silver, gold, nickel or rhodium. 

Knotted Cufflinks

There are different types of cufflinks.

Knotted cufflinks are known to be quite similar to chain link cufflinks as their two heads are connected by short and flexible length. However, they are made up of a soft cord which is usually silk rather than metal and the heads are decorative knots. The irregular surface of the knotwork makes this a more casual style, especially when multiple colours are involved.

Locking Cufflinks

You can say that the locking cufflinks are of much greater quality as they are much more secure and there is almost no chance of losing them as they have a hinge mechanism. You can compare them to the closure of a metal watch. Once you insert the cufflink, fold it and it will be locked right away. It is a contemporary style which is effortless with innovative designs. 


With so many different types of cufflinks available for men, they can always make their choice and choose the cufflinks which suit them the best. There are several designs of cufflinks out there for you so go for the best ones. They will make you look dapper when you wear a suit and help you in making good as well as a long lasting impression on others. 

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