Mules are back!

Mules have made a comeback and will continue to exist for those who know how to dress them up! They’ve been where, though? Fashion leaders have been bringing mules more and more into their latest collections.

Although not for everyone, individuals who value elegance and flair find these half loafers to be alluring. Here is all the information you need about mules.

What are mules?

Mules can be compared to a hybrid between slippers and loafers.

While the rear is entirely open, the front is entirely covered. The back of your foot is visible due to its lack of a back. They have a flat platform instead of a heel, which cushions your heels. Mules come in a variety of materials, such as leather, suede, cotton, canvas, synthetic, and velvet. The exterior of these shoes is typically embellished with buckles, beads, embroidery, etc. Since the fifteenth century, these half-loafers have been used as slippers in bedrooms.

When Do You Wear Mules?

Although fashionable and cozy, mules may not be as adaptable as other footwear. They are well-built and give off a chic, refined attitude. Although they don’t fit into the formal category, if you’ve worn sneakers or loafers with suits in the past, you might know the right trick and occasion to spark your look with them. But remember! Not everyone knows how to carry them around.

Have fun styling them with jeans, shorts, chinos, etc. when wearing them with casuals. Mules look wonderful on a date, out at the clubs, or in your semi formal business attire 

However, these half-shoes are not appropriate for wearing to beach and pool parties, business meetings, or extremely formal events.

To add a touch of sophistication to your outfit, mix these exquisite shoes with casual clothing. Put on mules with your kurtas, sherwanis, and other ethnic clothing for the ideal festive or fashionable look.

However, it is not advised to pair them with formals, but a person who knows how to balance the look can pull it off. Mules are a stylish choice for wearing with formals at weddings, cocktail parties, informal business gatherings, etc. They go well with ethnic clothing as well as jeans, shorts, and chinos. In other words, stay away from donning them with more formal attire, such as suits, tuxedos, etc.

How do I select the best piece for me?

Let’s talk material first, and then the fit. Mules made of leather, suede, and synthetic materials are preferred over others. Silk or velvet ones are fashionable but not particularly strong or adaptable. When wearing mules with a formal or semi-formal outfit, stick to leather or synthetic versions. The most stylish suede ones go well with casual and semi-casual attire. Silk or velvet mules can be a chic choice for an airport outfit or a road trip.

Mules are constructed similarly to slippers, and they are simple to put on and take off. Make sure to purchase them in a size that fits well and won’t slip off. However, they shouldn’t be overly tight because that could lead to blisters or shoe bites. If you have narrow feet, stick to your true size, and consider going up a size if you have wide feet.

So what’s the final word about mules?

Mules are a necessity for you if you have a sophisticated sense of style. They will add a touch of elegance to your casual attire and a unique twist to your formal attire. And they are your go-to shoe choice for a flawless conventional or fusion style.

Mules are not only fashionable but also cozy to wear. Their slip-on style gives you the comfort you need all day, and their high-end quality will make even the most casual outfit look more stylish. 

BFH Team
BFH Team

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