Important Suit Accessories for Men

Whether you are off to a party, a work meeting or a date, if you have decided to wear a suit, it would be better to wear a few suit accessories along with it as well. Wearing a suit without any accessories will just make you look like you have no fashion sense and cannot make a style statement. If you have no idea about these suit accessories, have a look below where we have listed out some amazing accessories for a suit for men. 

A man cannot always wear a tee with a pair of jeans. Sure, they might feel comfortable, but that is certainly not what you can wear to a meeting, or even a social gathering. You need to up your fashion game and lather up a suit sometimes to make sure that you look your best as soon as you step out of the house. While you will always look great in a fitting suit, not an ill fitting one, it is also true that a few suit accessories for men will help you out. These accessories will not only enhance your look, but also help you in making a fashion statement. 

As we are talking about accessories for suits, we decided to list out a few suit accessories that you can wear while wearing a suit. Have a look below to know more about them. 


When it comes to adding polish as well as sophistication in a man’s suit, cufflinks are the best option that you can go for. Known to be a formal wear accessory, these serve both, functional and decorative purposes. You can always add them on if you are going to a work meeting or just for work. The best part about cufflinks is that they come in many styles, shapes, sizes and materials, so you can own several of them for different occasions. So whether you are going for a date or a formal party, wear those cufflinks like a pro. 

Tie Clip

Once you are wearing a suit, who can forget a tie? However, many men forget to wear a tie clip which can turn out to be a big loss for them. A small tie clip can add volumes of classic style to your look and make you look dapper. Apart from that, a tie clip can serve a functional purpose as well by securing your tie to your dress shirt. Tie clips come in several variations of style, size and colour so you can always take your pick. However, make sure that your tie clip is never wider than your tie. 


Even if you are not wearing a suit, wearing a watch is necessary; it is like a dress code for a man. So if you are wearing a suit, you cannot step out of the house without wearing a watch. It is one of the easiest as well as the best looking pieces to add on as an accessory. It has an aesthetic value and a classic style that you cannot pass. Investing in a good watch according to your budget is always a good idea for a man. 


Suspenders have made a comeback in suit accessories.

If you are one of those men who want to skip the belt, welcome to the world of suspenders. Believe it or not, suspenders are making a comeback in fashion and are a good option to go for while wearing a suit. They are not only classic and classy, but can help you make that style statement with ease. You have to make three big decisions while choosing your suspenders, the shape, the fastener and the width of the straps, according to the occasion you are wearing them for. Along with that, coordinate the colour of the straps with your shirt and tie so that they don’t blend together and create a contrast. 

Pocket Square

Pocket Squares are one of the versatile suit accessories for men.

You can never go wrong with a pop of colour in your breast pocket with a pocket square. A versatile suit accessory for men, it adds a touch of personality to your suit’s blazers. While some men opt for a simple white pocket square, you can always opt for a nice print or pattern that brings out and enhances your look. Apart from that, there are different types of folds for a pocket square that a man can go for if he wants to. 


Unless you are going for a nighttime event, sunglasses will add an extra touch of style to your suit and will be the perfect accessory for you and your suit. There is no special rule for choosing sunglasses for a suit, just go for the one that suits your face shape the best. However, say no to plastic sunglasses as they would just demean your whole look. Try it out and you won’t regret it.


As we have said above, suit accessories will only enhance your look in a suit as well as make you look stylish. Whether you are a man in black or believe in brown, these suit accessories are made for all men and all suits. However, if you are planning on wearing these suit accessories all at once with a suit, stop! It would be a big mistake and will only make you look bad. Choose a couple of suit accessories and go for them. So whether you go for a tie clip and a watch or suspenders and sunglasses, be ready to make a fashion statement as soon as you step out of the house.

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