Different Types of Socks for Men

Anyday when you are about to step out of the house, the last thing that you go for is to wear your shoes, whether they are an old pair of sneakers or your favourite loafers. And to wear your shoes, you always need a pair of socks along with it to make sure that your feet remain comfortable and sweat free. However, most of you might be in awe if we let you know that there are different types that you can go for. Let’s get to know more about them. 

Whether you are going for a run and need your training shoes or just for a casual date and need your sneakers, you can never step out of the house without a pair of socks. They keep your feet comfortable as well as sweat free and save your feet from getting all dirty and smelly. No matter what type of shoes you are about to wear, socks are a must. While most are made of cotton, their texture is of utmost importance when you are buying a pair. A thicker texture will be required if you need warmth while a thinner texture will be better during the summer season. Socks from different brands may also vary as they manufacture in different ways. 

However, no matter what type of brand or texture you may go for, there are different types of socks that are made for men. Let’s read further to have a look at these different types. 

Sock Insoles

Technically sock insoles are not exactly socks but insoles that are made to create a barrier inside your foot and your shoe. As they are made up of cloth, these are quite comfortable and are known to absorb all your sweat and moisture as well. Made up of natural fibres or natural and synthetic blends, they need to be washed in between. If you are a man who is looking for the warmth of having your feet covered and does not want his socks to be shown as well, socks insoles are the answer for you. 

Loafer Liners

If you are not a man who is happy with insoles, perhaps, loafer liners are the option for you. Meant to be worn with low cut shoes, such as, driving mocs, boat shoes and loafers, these are completely invisible. However, the downside would be that these may slip off your feet as they are too low. 

No Show

Socks keep your feet comfortable.

No show socks are low profile, also known as loafer socks that are designed to be invisible. Men are supposed to wear these with certain low top shoes like sneakers, loafers, moccasins and boat shoes. These no show socks are the best option for the summer season, especially if you prefer wearing shorts. Apart from that, they can be combined with cropped or cuffed trousers, such as chinos. 

Ankle Socks

Socks absorb all the moisture from your skin.

Longer than the no show but shorter than the crew socks, ankle socks end right at your ankles, not making it invisible. These can always be used for activities, such as, running, hiking as well as playing sports.

Short Crew

Also called the micro crew and mini crew, some even call them quarter crew socks. The short crew are a great option for you if you are wearing mid or high top shoes and want to prevent chafing around your ankles. Wearing short crew while hiking will certainly protect your ankles from sharp plants as well as bug bites. 

Crew Socks

Known to be the most popular type for men, crew socks go past your ankles and hit right around your mid to upper calf. These are much longer than your loafer or ankle lengths, however, do not reach up to your knees. Mostly made up of 100% cotton, some crew socks are even made up of wool and silk. These are a great choice if you are about to wear boots during fall and winter. 

Over the Calf Socks

Over the calf socks (OTC) are seen as dressier than the crew ones so they are often made of better fabrics like wool or silk. These hit just below your knee and the round, tapered shape of your calf prevents them from sagging with every step that you take. These are a great option if you are about to wear a pair of Oxfords in the summer season. Although, you can wear them with boots as well. 


All this while, you were, perhaps, shopping for just one type of socks, thinking that there aren’t many types available for men. However, the truth is that there is a plethora of socks out there for men. All you have to do is decide what type you need and then make a purchase!

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