Easy to make foods for guests

easy to make food at home

Men can cook. How do I know? It’s 2021! That’s why. Even if some of you can’t, don’t panic. We’ve tailored 4 lip-smacking recipes that you can savour with your guests. Let’s get started: Bread poha: If you’re a busy…

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Protein-packed Ragi Balls

Full of Protein, Fiber & Nutrients for your Hectic Mornings. There has always been a great emphasis laid on the significance of breakfast and if you are a health freak who understands that having a healthy and complete breakfast meal…

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Seamless Overnight Oats

seamless overnight oats

Quick, Simple & Healthy recipe to deal with busy morning schedule.  Best for Him Team Mornings can be hectic where you have to accomplish your morning fitness regime, dress up smart for work, leave early to beat the traffic and…

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Maggi for your soul

Maggi is and has always been the easiest food to cook, but what if we add some indian taste to the mix! by Aakanksha Bajpai Food for our tired soul, Maggi is and always has been the easiest and yet…

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