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Turn Vegan for Healthy Life

Being Vegan for healthy life is the way to go.

By: Aakriti Gupta If you have been toying with the idea to adopt a vegan lifestyle after watching the Netflix documentary ‘Gamechangers’, you are not the only one. This vegan-friendly documentary clearly exemplifies that you don’t build muscle by consuming…

The Best Sex Tips for Men

The best sex tips for men

You can just never get enough of sex! Whether we talk about the foreplay, the dark fantasies or roleplaying, it all leads to a fiery time in bed. And if you and your partner have the right understanding, getting intimate…

Opening Up About Male Infertility

Male infertility is common in men.

Every man desires to have children once he gets married and have his own family. However, not all men are able to go through this process easily. While traditionally, infertility used to be considered as a women’s sexual health issue,…