Recognising Anxiety in Men

The men in today’s era have been dealing with so many responsibilities on their shoulders. While working from home has increased a man’s presence in his family life, it has also increased the responsibilities. The stress of work, home and…

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Who is the Doctor for Men?

A urologist is the doctor for men.

When asked who a doctor for a woman is, the response will come in as a gynaecologist, however when asked ‘Who is the Doctor for Men’, the responses are confused and sometimes just plain silence. Let’s break it.  Let’s talk.…

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Mental Health tips for Men

Mental Health has been trending after the pandemic, which made us realise the importance of peace. In order to give men a better understanding of mental health, here are some mental health tips that are approved by psychologists.  Men play…

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Men’s Health Problems Over 40

Here are the different health problems a man in his 40s can suffer from.

As a man in his 40s, you should be aware of the health problems you might be suffering from. Men’s health is specifically important as it includes a variety of gender-specific issues, like testosterone production, sexual health and increased likelihood…

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Stay On Top of your Prostate

Stay on top of your prostate

By: Dr. Rajeev T P The prostate is a male reproductive organ. This small gland is located below the bladder. Its main role is producing and fine-tuning semen. The prostate has a variety of functions. Most important is producing seminal…

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How Can Men Prevent Diabetes?

By: Dr. Paras Agarwal, Senior Consultant Diabetologist One of the frequently asked questions in our day is, ‘how one can prevent diabetes and keep fit’. With our lifestyles becoming sedentary, the sugar levels have been rising, creating a much induced…

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Piles in Men

Piles in men

One of the most common medical problems yet least talked about is piles. Men in particular who often avoid sharing their personal problems tend to ignore the condition and pass off the discomfort as temporary pain. If any individual is…

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Four C’s of Mental Stability

how to be mentally stable

By Dr. Moumita Nandy Some people seem to quickly bounce back from personal failures and setbacks, while others find it much more difficult. When life knocks you down, are you quick to pick yourself up and adapt to the circumstances?…

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How to keep things hygienic down there?

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“Hygiene is two thirds of health.” This Lebanese proverb does make a lot of sense. So many diseases are caused by poor hygiene, especially intimate hygiene. It’s the most important place that requires proper hygiene. Men tend to be lazy…

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