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Best Dumbbell Exercises for Men

the best dumbbell exercises for men

Dumbbells are known for their versatility and their unique point of being able to stack on weight according to one’s preference. In the scene of bodybuilding, the dumbbell is a man’s go to equipment for exercising. It has become synonymous…

The Best Ab Exercises for Men

Ab exercises are important while working out.

Whether you are busy lifting weights to build up your biceps or believe that your legs need more workout, there is no doubt that your abs are part of your body too and need to be worked upon as well.…

Gain Muscles More Than Weight

exercise to gain muscles

By: Aakriti Gupta Aren’t you tired of listening to these constant sarcastic slurs‘ don’t you eat anything at home’ or ‘you will be easily blown away if a thunderstorm comes’ just because you are underweight? To resolve this, you start…