Palak Sharma

Palak Sharma

All About Salt-and-Pepper beard look

The gruff and rough beard look known as the salt and pepper beard look has become a quite popular beard style among older males

Men with salt-and-pepper beards are quite charming. In addition to giving your face a little maturity, it also gives it a rugged and gruff appeal, especially if you have a thick, fully-grown beard. Men with salt-and-pepper beards are quite charming.…

Ways to grow your beard faster

faster ways to grow beard

Facial hair or beard growth begins to develop in males throughout adolescence. Many of them will see that the upper lip is where their facial hair initially starts to develop. People may also see the beginnings of facial hair on…

Best beard gift ideas for men

beard gifts

More and more guys are accepting facial hair because of Movember. Even at work, beards are no longer frowned upon. Beard gift ideas have gained a lot of popularity. But finding a present for a man with facial hair can…

How to deal with beard hair loss?

beard loss is more common than you would think.

Men tend to lose their hair frequently, which can impact their confidence and, in some circumstances, entirely change how they feel about themselves. Men do fear beard hair loss too. Lead medical advisor at Chemist Click, Abbas Kanani, discusses Alopecia…

Myths around beard

There are several myths around beards that we will debunk in this article.

When it comes to styling and fashion, men are just as choosy as women. They think a lot about what will suit them and what won’t. In this case, with regards to facial hair. Having a beard or not is…

World Osteoporosis Day

osteoporosis has become common for all ages in recent years.

October 20th is marked as World Osteoporosis Day every year. It aims to spread awareness about silent bone diseases, their prevention and treatments. Even though men can get osteoporosis, even though women are more likely to do so. The false…