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Deepdisha Sarkar

Forgotten History of Men and Corsets

men and corset

Whenever the word ‘corset’ comes up, we history buffs imagine women adorning tight-laced clothing pieces. Some may even remember women from historic dramas or movies like ‘Bridgerton’ and ‘Enola Holmes’ adorning these garments. However, if you turn back the clock,…

Parabens: The Conman to your Skin

Parabens free skincare is in demand.

Parabens have been a crucial ingredient for skin care products since the genesis of the beauty and skincare industry. They’re undoubtedly good for the product’s shelf life, however, they’re a nemesis to your skin and health. Parabens can do more…

Go Vegan on your Skin

Vegan skincare is a great skincare option for men.

If we go back a decade ago, the beauty and skincare industry in literal terms, was all about animal slaughter. For years, the skincare industry has used animal by-products, which are deemed to be harmful, for both our skin and…