Deepdisha Sarkar

Deepdisha Sarkar

Benefits of Batch Cooking

Batch cooking is efficient in creating a healthy diet for you and also saving unnecessary costs.

No matter how much organic food we consume, we all know that home-cooked meals are the most wholesome. Cooking can be a fun hobby for some of us. Inhaling the aroma of your own cooked meals is indeed a rewarding…

Health Diaries: Books for Fit Men

Books for Fit Men talk about about how to keep your body healthy.

Does the word ‘fit’ necessarily stick to a customary toned man? Hell no! In today’s world, with the grace of a number of fitness routines, diets and advice for men on social media feeds, the word ‘fitness’ has taken a…

Books on Body Image in Men

Body Image issues in Men might surprise you. Here are some books to help.

“You’re too skinny.”, “Lose that baby fat already, boy you’re almost 17!”, “No one would date a muscular guy like you.” These are some of the comments that every man must have heard at least once in life. These are…