When it’s time to take a Social Media retreat

Scrolling through your instagram feed may seem like a fun game. Until it’s time to put down your phones and look around your gloomy lives (not an attempt to go all guilt tripping!). Like seriously, have you ever felt the wave of gloom hit you when forced to look away from social media? Well, if the answer is yes…boy! It seems like you have a trouble! It’s not a bad aspect to spend time on digital platforms. However, when these platforms start taking over our time and space, it’s important to take a social media retreat. Read on to know more when it’s time to take a social media retreat, if you haven’t figured it out yet!

Social media is a dynamic platform that is booming every single day. We’ve become so accustomed that it has become a part of our daily routine to pay a visit to these applications!

However, an excess of using social media platforms can have negative sides too. 

Aimlessly scrolling through different feeds, may seem monotonous after a point of time.

If you face a similar situation, it is wise to take a retreat from these platforms. Here are some cues for you as to when it’s time for you to take a social media retreat:

When you find it hard to form your own opinion:

There are millions of people who share their opinions on social media, everyday.

Not to forget the extent of false, misleading information these apps are known for!

However, the hitch arises when we find ourselves conflicting between these opinions! How many times have you jumped right away at the conclusion, after seeing a tweet supported  by countless likes and retweets? It is easy to take sides of a post with millions of views, even if it isn’t well-researched.

Taking time off from from social would allow you time to actually think, research and form your own opinions. Since, you won’t have a number of opinions in front of your eyes, it would allow you to form an unbiased opinion from your own knowledge. 

When you compare yourself with other people:

Social media makes you compare with fantastical measures that are not attainable but leave you feeling low.

We all know who the ‘other people’ are. Duh! Influencers and models, with their perfect houses, perfect vacation spots and perfectly toned, worked-out bodies. For the average joe man, it can be quite hard hitting when you see perfectly well structured men on Instagram posts. It definitely leads to low self esteem and make you feel insignificant to the eyes of the opposite sex, which as a straight man can be a big low point to hit.

But! Let me tell you, it is all ‘show’ and ‘pretend’ that you see. The shirtless selfie showing a pitch-perfect skin and abs would have cost bottles of foundations and highlighters. And how can we forget the ‘infamous’ photoshopping?! 

However, despite the assurance, if you still can’t stop comparing yourself with these people, take a break from social media. Introspect on all the good things you have as a person and look at the people around you, there’s a reason you do not see such people in real life. Don’t beat yourself up and try to appreciate the uniqueness everyone one of us has. 

When you’ve stopped prioritising your life anecdotes:

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. 

When social media takes over your life, it hits you with a hard FOMO!

We all can agree that most people on social media picture out a merry lifestyle of themselves. Hardly anyone posts about their battles and miseries. Social media compels one to keep on scrolling through feeds, making one feel left out whenever they put down their phones. 

This makes one forget to check out on their life, even to the extent one might ignore to physically meet their friends and take care of their own self and responsibilities.

When ‘scrolling’ isn’t fun anymore:

Scrolling through your social media feed becomes a monotonous work when it doesn’t excite you anymore. It can strain your eyes and exhaust your brain with the constant amount of information that you are intking every day. It can cause you to become lazy and not make you excited with anything anymore.

What we checked into as being fun doesn’t feel like a medium to enjoy anymore! 

So, maybe it’s worth stepping away from it for some time. 


In today’s contemporary scenario, social media is a dominant platform to find communities, share opinions as well as find jobs. However, with all the good deeds of social media, there’s a dark side to it that can leave you devoid of mental and physical energy. 

We often absorb the negativity, hate, aesthetic lifestyles and many other things from social media. This all happens while we aimlessly scroll through the feed, unknown to our own selves what impact it has on us!

Gentlemen, if you find any of these points relevant to yourself, sign off and take a retreat from social media. You will see the positive changes in your lifestyle within no time!

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