Warning Signs of Suicidal Behaviour in Men

Suicide is a devastating problem among men as the male suicide rate is quite high. Men too can showcase suicidal behaviour which exhibits certain warning signs that a man is thinking or planning to commit suicide. However, most people often ignore such warning signs and carry on with their life only to lose their loved one later on. Therefore, we have listed a few warning signs of suicidal behaviour in men. Have a look below. 

The male suicide rate has been quite high and has been steadily increasing over the years. While some people usually think that suicide is a mental illness, it is actually a serious potential consequence of treatable mental disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder and many more. If a man is going through any of such mental disorders, he can think of committing suicide and get suicidal thoughts. Such men will showcase suicidal behaviour and there will be warning signs that their loved ones have to notice to stop them. However, people often ignore such warning signs of suicidal behaviour and lose their loved one to suicide. 

Keeping this in mind, we have listed down a few warning signs of suicidal behaviour in men that you must not miss. If you notice any of such signs, you must take action as soon as possible. Have a look below to find out. 

Being Sad or Moody

If you see that your loved one is suddenly being too sad in life or having mood swings, he might be thinking of committing suicide. When a man is struggling with depression, he tends to feel too low and becomes quite moody in life. In this case, leaving him alone would be the last thing that you should do. Talk to him as well as let him know that you are there for him so that he won’t think of committing suicide

Withdrawing from Others

A man who with suicidal behaviour will always think of staying alone, not talking or socialising with anyone. He will stop spending quality time with his friends and family and be by himself all the time. Apart from that, he will stop engaging in all the activities that he earlier loved to do. This is a major warning sign that he is showcasing suicidal behaviour and that is when you come into the picture. 

Self Harmful Behaviour

Suicidal behaviour can be the cause of self harmful behaviour in Men.

A man with suicidal behaviour will try to harm himself is plenty of ways, such as reckless driving, having unprotected sex, cutting himself as well as engaging in drugs and/or alcohol. He won’t consider his life as a gift but a burden on himself. You need to see this as a warning sign of suicidal behaviour and stop him from harming himself before it gets too late. 

Deep Despair

A man dealing with any mental illness often feels hopeless as well as helpless and thinks of ending his life to get out of the trauma that he is going through. He will often talk about feeling hopeless, having no reason to live, being a burden to others, feeling trapped or being in severe emotional pain. You need to see this as a warning sign from him and take action soon enough. 

Change in Sleep Patterns

Suicidal behaviour in Men can trigger insomnia.

A shift in a man’s sleeping pattern is not just a sign of depression but also suicidal behaviour which people often miss out on. A man who is feeling suicidal may sleep more than normal, struggling to get out of bed at all. He may sleep less, experiencing insomnia and staying up until all hours and then struggling the next day from fatigue. You need to see it as a warning sign of suicidal behaviour and prevent him from committing suicide. 


These warning signs of suicidal behaviour can easily tell others that a man is having suicidal thoughts and is thinking of committing suicide. However, most of the time, these warning signs are missed by family and friends. They later on lose their loved one and keep on wondering how could they not have known that their family member was suicidal. If you just don’t ignore or miss these warning signs, you can save a life. 

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