Tips to prevent Suicide in Men

Men dealing with emotional issues or mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety often end up feeling that their only option left is suicide. No matter how much they try, they feel all alone and socially isolated as well as helpless. However, you can help a man who is having suicidal thoughts and prevent him from committing suicide. We have listed down a few steps for you which can be used by you to help a man who is thinking of committing suicide. 

The constant feeling of being in the darkness, isolation and hopelessness can eat up a man from the inside. While he too wants to enjoy his life and be happy, he is unable to do so due to his mental health issues like depression as well as anxiety and sadness has overtaken his life. Whether he is at work or with friends, he always feels lonely, even in a crowd full of people and is unable to enjoy his life. In such cases, men often get suicidal thoughts and even make suicide attempts to end their life, which can be fatal for sure. 

If you have a loved one or a friend who is going through the same pain and needs to be given some attention, it is time for you to come to their rescue. How? We have listed down some important steps that will help in preventing suicide in a man. Have a look below. 

See the Signs

When a man is going through suicidal thoughts, he often gives out certain signs that you need to notice. Some of these signs can be withdrawing themselves from the community, isolating themselves from their family and friends, not going to work, no self care as well as ignoring their basic responsibilities. Some of the other signs that you may notice are talking about death or overt statements like ‘there is no more hope’ or ‘I have nothing to live for’.

According to Dr Moumita Nandy, a clinical psychologist from Delhi, “You might see severe sadness or moodiness in such men. Some men show rage, hopelessness, sleep problems, sudden calmness, withdrawal, changes in appearance as well as self harm. If you notice such behaviour you must take action as soon as possible.”

Ask Them

In almost all the cases, it can be hard as well as awkward to ask a man, but you certainly need to ask them if they are suicidal. You need to be direct without any judgement and simply ask if they are thinking or planning on committing something serious as it may lead to a deeper conversation. Don’t think that it will give them ideas. In fact, it will let them know how much you care about them. Asking them this question can actually prevent them from committing suicide and won’t increase suicidal thoughts. 

Asking a man about his mental health shows you support and care for them and even gives them the hope which they might have lost in the long run. It tells them that there are people who truly care for them and they can be vulnerable around these loved ones.

Keep Them Away from Dangerous Items

When you have the above conversation, you can always go forward and ask them if they have planned a method of committing suicide. If they tell you the method, make sure that you keep them away from it. Also ensure that you take away all the lethal items away from them, such as poison, or knives so they do not harm themselves. This is a very necessary method to prevent suicide in men. Making sure that you also spend a lot of time around them will also give them time to rethink their decision and help them cope from whatever it is that they might be going through.

Make Them Socialise

A man going through bad mental health generally becomes anti-social, this is also the time when dark thoughts creep in. You need to get them out of that world of isolation and help them socialise with the world. While you must stay connected with them as much as you can, whether through text, phone calls or face to face, make sure that they are socialising with others as well. Make them meet their family and friends as well as their neighbours to make them realise that they are not alone. 

You can also make sure that they meet people who are open to talk about their own experiences. This will again emphasise that he is not the only one in this world who is going through a struggle. A man who believes he is being listened to will be more open to being vulnerable and will be able to talk about his own mental health condition.

Seek Help for Them

While you might be doing your best to help them in preventing from committing suicide, seeking help from a mental health professional is always a good idea. Try out a few therapists before you choose the right one and make them see him or her so that they can get rid of those suicidal thoughts. A mental health professional will help them recognise the underlying cause of those suicidal thoughts as well as improve their mental health. 

This is a very important step. Do not in any condition believe that you alone can help this person out. Seek help from experts as they will also help you to create a support group for the person in need. Dr Nandy says, “Men who receive support from caring friends and family and who have access to mental health services are less likely to act on their suicidal impulses than are those who are isolated from support.”

Follow Up

While they are seeking professional help and improving their mental health, your job has not been finished yet. You must follow up with them to make sure that they have really changed for the better and are doing good in life. Paying them a visit at home or making a call to them would be a great idea. Apart from that, you can always send them a quick text to ask them how they are doing. 


Suicide in Men has a graph that is growing upwards worldwide. A man goes through plenty of ups and downs and often there can be a time when he is feeling too low to enjoy life. He can get suicidal thoughts during this time as he feels helpless and hopeless and that is when you can help him out to make him understand that he is not alone. Suicide in Men is not to be taken lightly. The job won’t be easy, for sure. However, losing a loved one to suicide won’t be easy for you. 

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