The True Meaning of Friendship

Friendship is a true bond between you and your bros that is unshakable by anyone, no matter what happens. Calamities can come and go but a true friendship can never be broken. Even if you and your best friends end up in a fight, you all will get back together sooner than you know, forgetting all about what happened. This is the true meaning of friendship. Let us dwell more into it. 

Whether you and your bros prefer to have a cup of coffee after work or a pint of strong beer while talking about the day, your friendship must be going strong. You guys prefer travelling together, whether going to the mountains or the beach. If one of you gets into a new relationship, all of you party together. Your bond with each other is stronger than your love for your partners and you cannot see even one of your buddies getting hurt by someone else. 

We can call such men the brand ambassadors of friendship and we all have something to learn from them. They certainly know the true meaning of friendship and keeping that in mind we decided to elaborate it. Let’s have a look at the true meaning of friendship below.

Noticing the Little Things

Whether your bro has a paper cut on his hand or has been dealing with depression for a couple of months, if your friendship is real, you will be able to notice these things. And not just the bad things, even his new haircut, or perhaps, a new pair of shoes come in this category. Notice as well as acknowledge these small things and compliment them for these changes. It will mean that you are a bro who is paying attention to them. 

Follow Up

As a friend, you need to be a man who follows up with his friends. When you share your news, whether the good, the bad or the ugly, make sure you ask them about their whereabouts as well. Do not make them feel that you do not care about what is happening in their life. Your buddies will notice such things and it won’t make them feel good. So asking them about how their work is or how their relationship is going can take you a long way. 

Support Them

Your friend might be thinking of switching their career to become a full time singer. Or perhaps, they might be having some problems in their personal life. At such times they will need a support system, who is able to encourage them when they are feeling low or thinking that they have made a wrong decision. No matter what your bro has decided to do, be sure to be with them and support them at all times. 

Be Self Sufficient

While your friend might be reliable and with you for all times, do not depend on them in all situations. You need to be self-sufficient as well and make sure that you can take care of your own tasks. Sure, your bro might be able to take your dog for a walk, but you do not have to always depend on him. You can do that on your own as well. Along with that, you need to respect their boundaries and give them space too. 


The true meaning of friendship is to be there for your friends but not to think that they will always clean up your mess. You certainly need to take care of yourself while your friends are there for you. Friendship is a two way process and while you take, you need to give as well. It is a beautiful bond that can grow overtime. 

Deepti Dogra
Deepti Dogra
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