Spice up Your Intimate moments with Music

When it comes to sex, it’s all about making the precise move to your partner. The ruse of intimation starts way before we and our partner get under the sheets. The saying goes around, men who are fan of music are also fan of sex. Work up your sexual drives by playing some sultry music. Get that sensual fire on and spice up your intimacy with music

Scented candles, dreamy caramel brown lights, flowers, how more of a hopeless romantic can we get? Romantic partners just adore some grand gestures. Such intimations right before your ‘lucky’ night is a cherry on the top. Wanna gain some brownie points? Crank up the room with some raunchy music. Can sex and music go hand-in-hand? Hell yeah, they are made for each other!

Shakespeare once said, “If music be the food of love, play on”. From the diaries of the wordsmith comes an advice, turning on the music can do wonders!

Couples who have intercourse while listening to music have better, pleasurable sex than couples who prefer getting under the covers in silence. It is all the game of biology that makes us euphoric when we listen to music.

Music is your wingman in enhancing your sexual experience! With good music you can explore the world of lovemaking with your partner. 

A *study in 2011 by Morten Kringelbald, a professor of neuroscience at Oxford University stated that music can awaken the pleasure-seeking parts of brain that are stimulated by sex. 

This happens because while having sex, our brain is designed to process auditory information too. When we hear a good banger, our brain produces dopamine. 

This relieves us from any predominant stress which further drives in arousal. Here are some reasons that’ll encourage you to have sex and music in one room:

Shyness killer

When it comes to sex, being all coy and meek can deprive you of all the fun. 

Being shy or anxious during sexual accounts is a negative mood with reactions like increased heart rate, bodily tension, embarrassment and uneasiness. 

Choosing the right music can help you and your partner loosen up and overcome shyness and hesitation. To spice up the night with sex and music, choose a steamy song with your partner.

Heightened sense of bonding

Intimacy and Music is a good way to heighten your sense of bonding.

When Donna Summer sang, “There’s no place I’d rather you be than with me”, didn’t we all remember our sweethearts?

My question for the readers, is sexual intercourse only meant to reproduce and experience sexual pleasure?

From Elvis Presley to Marvin Gaye, singers and songwriters have dedicated songs to the essence of lovemaking. It is indeed a vast legacy sex and music have created together. 

With the help of a passionate, intimate music or song, we can form a bonding with our partner. 

This happens because when we have sexual intercourse, our body releases ‘love hormones’ called oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for  forming a platonic attraction towards our partner.

More play, less distraction

Well, which partner wants their lover to be distracted during the act? 

During a sexual intercourse, if the mind is occupied with thoughts other than sex, things will end up being fruitless. To get into the mood, create a playlist beforehand.

Surprise your partner before getting into action with a playlist full of edgy and passionate songs. Intimacy and Music are a great way to bring in the passion to your bond.

Shoot up your sex drives

Want a great time? Get great music!

Arousal is the psyche of sex. Shoot it up and boom: you’ve honoured the art of lovemaking! 

When it comes to seduction, putting on some ‘mood’ music is a standard go-to. 

If you have some good music taste in you, your chances of getting laid are dramatic. 

In the *Journal of Media Psychology, a study states that particularly pop music can influence your interest in your potential sexual partner. 

Talking to your partner about sex is as important as playing a sensual music. We often engross ourselves in creating the perfect aura for sex that we forget to have an open conversation about it with our lovers.

It can be difficult to strike up an intimate conversation, but by doing so you’ll get to understand about your as well as your partner’s sexual needs. By having the ‘talk’ with your partner, you can intensify passion while having an emotional connection with them. 


Synchronising your mood with music arouses intimacy with your partner. With music, you can create a steamy ambience in your bedroom. Intimacy and Music can go hand in hand and build up a great bond with your partner.

If you or your partner have body image issues or stress about your sexual performance, music can be your compadre. Don’t let factors like size, duration or performance get into your head. Just play music which makes you feel good about yourself. 

To spice up the bedroom, before getting into the action, choose a nice, steamy music with your partner and enjoy the art of lovemaking!


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