How to help a friend during Breakup

Breakups are hard, be it when we are on the receiving end of it, or even when one of our best buddies is going through it. They are not only the end of a relationship they are also the end of many partnerships which have seen dreams of a lifetime. It might be cliche to say it but breakups suck. During such hard times many men go into their cocoon and stop responding to their friends or family. They prefer being on their own. Although during such hard times it is important that you share your emotions with your friends. Here is how you can help out a friend who might be going through a breakup.

We have no doubt that you were happy to finally see your friend in a serious relationship, taking their partner to amazing dates, buying gifts for them and surprising them in different ways. You were glad that they had found their happiness and might pop the question the very next day. However, fate had other plans for them, and soon their partner became their ex and they are unable to move on, whether you buy them tickets for a football match or their favourite beer. They are heartbroken and cannot believe that the one person they loved left him in the middle of nowhere. 

Heartbreaks can be quite painful, but this is where a friend (you) comes into the picture. Rather than getting him drunk and bitching about his ex, you need to help him in a true sense. Keeping this in mind, we decided to explain how you can truly be with your friend during a breakup

Remind Him he hasn’t Failed

When a man is going through a break up, he often feels low and, infact, feels depressed in some cases. These men feel that they have failed at love and even have let others down through their break up. However, that is not the case. As a friend, you need to remind them that they haven’t failed just because their relationship did not work out. It is a hard time for them and you must be there to support them at all times. 

Create a Safe Space

Your friend obviously would want to talk during the process of his breakup. So, you need to create a safe space for him where there is a communicative environment which is non judgemental, kind as well as empathetic. He must feel safe to talk about the breakup without the fear of invalidation or judgement. 

Let Him Grieve

Breakup is a grieving process as a beautiful relationship has ended, even if the two partners decide to stay connected in some way or the other. You need to let your friend grieve for sometime. There are five stages of the grieving process; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Sadness and Acceptance. It takes time for a man to heal from this grieving process and there is no hurry. You must let your friend take his own time to grieve rather than making him go on dating apps to find another partner. 

Help him in Self Care

During the grieving or healing process, your buddy might not even think about self care, ignoring taking showers or trimming his beard regularly, let alone going for a walk. In such cases, you need to be there for him, reminding him to take care of himself while accompanying him for a walk as well. This might just be an initial process, perhaps for the first few weeks. 

Help him Reinvent Himself

As your friend is recovering from his breakup, you need to help him in moving on as well. And what better way would be than helping in finding new activities that he can indulge in. You can find new hobbies or classes that he might be interested in. Or perhaps, find a new look that might suit him! Apart from that, find a new recipe that the both of you would rather cook at home than ordering at the restaurant. 

Find Him Professional Support

If your friend is still unable to recover or heal from his breakup, perhaps he needs a professional therapist to help him. In such a case, you need to find a good therapist which might suit him and help him out in recovering from the breakup. It may take some time, but hold your horses and make sure that you find the right therapist for him. 


We all know that a breakup can feel like your world has collapsed and your life has ended. Once that beloved person leaves your world, your life doesn’t feel the same anymore. A breakup can be agonising and break your heart into a million pieces. However, it does not mean that you cannot help yourself or your friend heal from it. The above given tips will certainly assist you in helping a friend recover from a breakup as well as move on. 

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