Healthy Tips for a Men’s Road trip

An ideal men’s road trip can sometimes turn into a nightmare if faced with health issues. Therefore, men must follow certain health tips while travelling.

Perfect playlist, extra snacks, comfy clothes, shades…we’ve got it all sorted for the ideal men’s road trip. But what we generally forget to pack with us is our dear health, which we often abandon, locked in the home. Following necessary health tips for a men’s road trip is as important as making your excursion memorable. 

Men’s road trips are fun, right? But what isn’t fun is the fact that these jovial road trips with your buddies turn into a nightmare, if you put your health at stake. Road trips always involve a car in the picture. It is important for both the driver and passengers to take care of their health while on the trip. Men who go out with an unhealthy, unrested body can often face trouble. Your brain often stops working if you’ve not rested well or not eaten a proper meal. Studies suggest, out of 50% of men driving on a road trip, 42% faced highway hypnosis, a situation where you zone out while driving as highways tend to become monotonous after a time. Highway hypnosis leads to most of the accidents on highways.

To prevent any mishaps, men must be prepared and fit, whether they take the charge to drive or not. Here are some health tips for a men’s road trip that must be followed before and while on a road trip:

Get plenty of sleep

A man having his beauty sleep before Men's road trip.

Men must get seven hours of sound sleep for at least two consecutive days prior to the trip. Getting a considerable amount of sound sleep is necessary. Starting the trip early in the morning after a sound sleep is the most suitable timing, instead of starting at night, after the fatigue of one whole day. Avoid night drives as they can be extremely dangerous, especially in hilly areas. 

Men must start fresh and alert, so that they can take necessary decisions with an active mind and body. 

Eat healthy

Man eating healthy for his Men's road trip.

If you’re on a men’s road trip, it is common to miss out on your daily food intake. Long trips usually involve a lot of junk food, which can often slow down the body’s mechanisms. It is important to eat healthy while on the road. Bring some healthy snacks along, so that you don’t have to frequently stop at fast food outlets. Moreover, fast food outlets at highways often sell stale and unhygienic food, which would leave you sick and gloomy. Be sure to carry dry foods, as storing food inside a car for prolonged duration can spoil certain edibles. 

Protein bar, dark chocolate bar, veggie chips, nuts and seeds, roasted chickpeas are some of the light and accessible edible items which men can carry on a road trip. Also, it is important to eat at equal intervals. 

Chew gum

It has been observed, chewing gum increases an individual’s attention while doing monotonous work. Being on the road for hours can become boring and tiring, especially for men driving the vehicle. Therefore, men must carry chewing gums while starting off a long road trip. Pack your favourite box of gum before starting the journey. 

Wear sunscreen 

Ultraviolet or UV rays from the sun can cause burns on the skin. Being on a road trip exposes us to a considerable amount of sunlight, which can be damaging to the skin. 

Men must take care of their skin even during a road trip. Choosing the right sunscreen for the journey is necessary. Choose a sunscreen with SPF between 25 and 50, depending on the weather of the place you’re travelling. Opt for a sunscreen which is non-sticky, in order to avoid sweating. 

Take care of your posture

An incorrect posture can impact your spine, causing back pain and shoulder stiffness. Men must take care of their posture while sitting in the car. Adjust your seat where your spine remains straight. Set your headrest in a suitable height in order to avoid neck pains. Take a break once in a while, so that you can have a change of posture for a few minutes. If possible, walk around and stretch your body. 

Men who keep items in their back pocket must avoid doing so while sitting in the car as it can cause back problems. 

Stay hydrated

Man staying hydrated during Men's road trip.

For a men’s road trip, filling your belly with the right food isn’t enough. Men must stay hydrated while on the road. Bring enough water before you hit the road. Dehydration can cause fatigue and dizziness. Men driving during the trip should stay hydrated as they need to be alert. 

Avoid sugary drinks as they contain caffeine and will drain your body’s water content. Although they may quench your thirst immediately, they can cause you to lose more water than you actually gain. Coconut water is a great alternative that men can choose to stay hydrated, as it contains potassium, which is ideal to provide hydration. Moreover, one must avoid alcohol at all cost as it will make you urinate frequently, and drain out water from your body. Fruits like berries and apples have a considerable amount of water, minerals and vitamins. Try to pack some fresh fruits and avoid storing them, as fruits tend to spoil quickly. 

Apart from consuming fluid, men must moisturise themselves. Using a good moisturiser will minimise your body losing fluid. 


Road trips with your friends and folks are definitely fun. However, hitting the road with an unhealthy mind and body can be agonising, which can ruin the entire trip. Men must take care of their health while on the road. One should take necessary measures to keep themselves fit and active for the journey.  

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