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Does the word ‘fit’ necessarily stick to a customary toned man? Hell no! In today’s world, with the grace of a number of fitness routines, diets and advice for men on social media feeds, the word ‘fitness’ has taken a diverse turn. Then comes self-help books with their expert advice and routines. Picking up the right one is also a tough job. We’ve gathered a number of books that you can choose as per your entails. Here are some books for fit men.

Some find fitness in hitting the gym everyday while some find it in performing asanas in the morning. 

Being fit also means to have a trim routine, being well-fed and well-rested. When I say this, a working man with a 12 hour job would definitely scoff at my words! 

Therefore, we’ve got a diverse range of self-help books for men who want to seek a fit and healthy living, regardless of their routines. 

Read on to discover the books for the fit men: 

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Men

One of the good books for fit men is The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Men.

When it comes to health and men, the latter doesn’t like to talk about the former!

Men often don’t prefer to share about their health issues due to a number of conflicts.

This in turn causes greater health problems, leading to a number of diseases and health complications. 

‘The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies for Men’ allows one to know about routines on improving their living. The book brings out the advice of a number of top doctors and health experts with practical tips to eliminate ailments that an average man can face during their lifetime. 

The Men’s Health Big Book of Food and Nutrition

One of the good books for fit men is The Men's Health Big Book of Food and Nutrition.

We all can agree upon the fact that at times, choosing the right food choices can be a tough nut to crack!

When we walk down an aisle of groceries in a departmental store, we’re often perplexed as to which food to pick up in order to label your eating choices as ‘healthy’. ‘The Men’s Health Big Book of Food and Nutrition’ is a one-stop answer to your queries on food, diet and cooking choices. 

The guidebook is filled with strategies on eating habits and interviews with a number of certified nutrition researchers. 

Men’s Health Best: Weight Free Workout

Let’s have a chat about exercising for the busy men out there. 

When you’re working, always on the go, it can be nearly an impossible task to hit the gym. 

Despite all the work, running, and juggling your routine, it is extremely crucial to take out some time for exercising. 

With the efforts of the editor of the Men’s Health magazine comes ‘Men’s Health Best Free Workout’, a compilation of strength exercises as well as ways to manage a workout injury. 

Yoga Fitness for Men

If you’ve ever successfully performed a few yoga asanas, you know that the power of ‘yoga a day’ is immaculate!

As an adult man, it must be common to experience lethargy and daily muscle aches. If you’re one of them, yoga is the best way to eliminate all the gnawing pain!

The guide is filled with visual illustrations along with week-long workout programs. 

A Field Guide to Men’s Health

‘A Field Guide to Men’s Health’ is a catalogue of the simplest and the most fruitful ways to maintain a healthy life. 

Authored by Jesse. N Mills, one of the notable urologists from Los Angeles, CA, the book includes topics like cardiovascular health, diet and nutrition, lifestyle tips and sexual health. 


Our body is a machine of organic mechanisms. It is our job to keep our bodies moving by keeping a check on our health. 

For men, the word ‘fitness’ has a number of facades. For some it means choosing the right diet while for some it is a constant check on their vitals. 

It is important for us to pick up the right lifestyle choices that would maintain our health. Pick up from these exclusively selected self-help books to make your lives better!

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