Do Avoid Making These Fashion Mistakes!

For having a confident attitude, fashion plays a key role as our style is an extension of our personality. Like vitamins and minerals, good fashion sense is necessary to look presentable. Since ages, fashion has been stereotyped, overlooked as women’s domain but who does not want to look fashionable? Therefore, you need to have a precise look at the latest fashion trends and not indulge in some of the common fashion mistakes.

Fashion trends for men keep on changing. The in and out of fashion is more constant than any style lasting over the years. We always want everything best, whether it’s for fitness, physique, food or others, then why to ignore the styling aspect. 

We all love the world of fashion but still end up making mistakes at times. Same goes for men too. Men due to societal norms stay far away from fashion and its trends. However, in the past few years, it has been noticed that even men are getting inclined to fashion. But due to obvious reasons, even with good styling sensibility, they end up making some grave fashion mistakes. 

Hence, today we will discuss some sartorial mistakes that men should avoid making. Take a look: 

Tie Mistake 

Wearing a tie gives a classy effect to the whole attire, but wrong choice of it can ruin the entire styling. Length of the tie should not be too long or too short. Lengthy ties can make you look uncoordinated and clumsy. Tip of the tie needs to end between the waistband or between the belt buckle’s top and bottom. 

Selecting the right tie makes you look organised and good at both professional and personal level. 

Pocket Square Match 

One of the fashion damages is matching your pocket square with your tie and suit. You can avoid it by choosing a different colour pocket square that complements your look and can speak about your style. 

Length Of The Trousers 

Long trousers give you a baggy look and make you look shorter and inelegant. Select a trouser that slightly touches the top of your shoes. If you have long trousers, get it cropped according to your length and it is also a good chance to show off your socks. 

Long Sleeves 

I know it’s not easy to find a suit or shirt whose sleeves are the exact length of your hand. Suit’s sleeves should be just above the wrist bone with a little bit of shirt cuff visible. Even if your sleeves are long, you can make it stylish by folding it and can make a classic fashion statement. 

Band And Watch Together

Wearing a watch is a major factor of men’s styling. Wearing bands and watches together in one hand can be a little bit clumsy and brings the aesthetics to ground zero. 

Wearing a wrist watch gives men a little edge over others at the same place. There are wrist watches that are best for formal meet-ups like Rolex Datejust, Tissot Analog display, Rolex Submariner, Titan, to name a few. There are watches that are best for casual or informal outings like Fire Boltt smartwatches, Noise Colour Fit smart watches, and others.   

White Socks

Wearing white socks with a suit can be unpleasant and not suited at all. White socks look grubby and cheap, to avoid all this select some solid colour like black or brown socks. A better choice is to try some new colourful pattern socks. 

Lot Of Accessories

Accessories must be included in the fashion styling but you should not get overboard with it. The less accessories you wear the more distinctive appeal you get. If you are wearing a watch in one hand, don’t make the fashion mistakes  of wearing anything else in that hand. In the same way if you are wearing a band in one hand and one ring don’t add anything else. 


Choose sunglasses according to your face size. Like if your face is rectangular go for a square or rectangular shaped sunglasses. You can not include coloured sunglasses with a suit or a blazer, that is definitely the worst of all the fashion mistakes. 

Choice Of Shoes 

How you look from top to bottom matters a lot and every detail of it should be on point. Selecting the right pair of shoes is a matter of concern as it completes the entire look. You cannot pair formal shoes with a casual look, that’ll look clumsy and dull. When wearing formal clothes go for black or brown formal shoes, that will totally complement your formal fit. With casual wear there are many options to go with; like sneakers, loafers, chukka boots, boots, and more.


By avoiding these simple fashion mistakes you can make your style comfortable in your own way. Being in tune with fashion does not mean following every aspect of it religiously but choosing the best according to your comfort. Making mistakes is okay but remember not to repeat it again.

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