Everyday Car Essentials that a man must have!

Even though cars have made leaps in advancements and have become really comfortable over the years, do cars still break down lie they used to? Yes, car breakdowns do occur occasionally, so you’ll need to be careful. But whether we like it or not, when we’re on the road, our cars also serve as our small homes away from home. Therefore, it’s crucial to pack it with items in case anything unexpected happens, whether it’s an emergency or just a fun weekend away. BFH has curated the  top 16 car essentials you should have. 

1. Cable jumpers:

Cable jumpers

There’s no need for any justification of how much of a necessity it is. Cable jumpers always come in handy when you are in a tough spot and you need to jumpstart your car. It is one of the most basic of car essentials.

2. A jack and spare tyre:


An old tire from your most recent upgrade, or a full-size tyre if you have the space, will ensure that you can go where you need to go. A jack and a spare tyre is never going to not ome in handy whenever you are driving.

3. A bottle opener with a corkscrew:

Bottle Opener

Naturally, you wouldn’t use this in a moving vehicle, but there are many scenarios in which you might find yourself with a bottle of wine or a six-pack to share. Avoid being  in a situation where you are unable to open it while you are in a car.

4. Extra pair of earphones:

White headphone in car

Keep it stored while you are in a car. With music or podcasts, a long day of errands flows much more quickly. Since you’ll probably have your phone with you, it can save the day if you realise you forgot your headphones in the middle of the drive. And if you have children, they sometimes perform wonders. They are one of the best car essentials.

5. A pressure gauge for tyres:

pressure gauge for tyres

You’ll find it easily available at the neighbourhood auto parts store. It can be stashed up anywhere and  eliminates any doubts of the condition of your tires.

 6. A car cover or blanket: 

Car cover

This can keep you warm in an emergency, but it’s also useful to have it handy  for outdoor activities like picnics, evenings in the park, sporting events, and other occasions where you might want to sit down on the ground. IT is one of the most basic of car essentials.

7. A basic toolbox: 

Basic tool box

Although keeping a multitool in your car can be helpful, we also advise keeping some simple tools in the glove box or trunk. These are more for working on other rather than just fixing your car.  Our recommendations are a small knife or multitool, an adjustable wrench, mult-bit screwdrivers, and cutting-edge needle nose-pliers. 

8. A $20 bill:

20$ Bill

Where you need them the most is frequently where credit cards are not accepted. It wouldn’t hurt to include a few dollars and quarters as well. 

9. Light source:


In an emergency, a straightforward LED light with a long lifespan will help you avoid depleting your phone’s battery. It would be even better if it had a magnet. By doing so, you’ll be able to hold the light in place while still having both hands available. Include a spare battery as well.  

10. Measuring Tape:  

measuring tape

If you are a self reliant man, you might have the tendency  to measure things for all the times you stop by the hardware shop, lumberyard, or wherever else on your way home. You’ll always have one whenever you need it while in your car. They are one of the most smallest yet handy car essentials.

11. Basic First Aid Package:

first aid box

Stock up on bandages, antiseptics, and common pharmaceuticals like ibuprofen, antihistamines, and possibly antiemetic drugs. Make that it includes a tiny pair of scissors.   

12. Food and drink in bottles:

A few energy bars and a few factory-sealed bottles can keep you safe in an emergency and prevent hangry-nses in  cases when a shopping excursion goes three times longer than expected. 

13. A world atlas:

world atlas

A  paper one, perhaps. Apps for smartphones do well within city limits, but ideally you’re driving somewhere where satellites can’t reach. Additionally, this can lead to countless games and conversation starters on lengthy road journeys. The spiral-bound National Geographic Adventure Edition Road Atlas is our top pick. 

14. Road Flares: 

road flares

In case of crises, you never know when you could need one. If you find yourself in an accident or stuck and need to signal for aid, flares can be useful. 

15. Wind-resistant matches:

Even if you are not starting an emergency fire, these can be useful. Furthermore, if you take into account the aforementioned aspect, you will need them. 

16. A little notebook and pen:


Although most males don’t carry , it’s cool if you do. But, since most don’t carry them, a notebook with a pen come super handy when kept in our car.


With the recent advancements in technology, cars have turned into a moving little house for us. Hence, it is important that you carry some car essentials in your automobiles so that you have whatever you need whenever needed. Most people even use their cars to reside in them, hence it’s no wonder that cars have become an important necessity in our lives.

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