Don’t let the loneliness overpower You!

Do you often feel the need to contact people in order to talk about how you feel or about anything, but are afraid to do so? Loneliness in Men can have some ill effects on your health that you need to look out for. Not sharing about how you feel can put you in a loneliness zone. 

We have all witnessed it in our homes where our mothers tend to go and meet their friends for kitty parties or will be socialising in some or the other form. Be it bonding over their children or just chit-chatting while they are dropping off their kids. Women tend to open up and talk about their feelings and emotions in a way that men still lack.

It has been found that men fall into the trap of the loneliness phase as compared to women more. Women tend to find friendships out in the society that includes many gatherings, trips and some other, but due to multiple restrictions and expectations men sometimes fail to do so and even with a huge group, fail to open up and let the loneliness take over their physical and mental health. 

According to societal norms men need to have a strong image and are not expected to be vulnerable and talk about things that might have been bothering them, even to their peers.

Loneliness can be as injurious to health as smoking 15-16 cigarettes a day.

It can also result in a silent kill if it’s not treated at the right time. In fact *research shows that ‘Millenials’ and ‘Gen Z’ are the loneliest generation. That too at a time when virtually we are always connected. 

If you think you are someone going through the peak of loneliness but have doubts about what to look out for. Here are some symptoms of loneliness – 

  • Habits that are hindering in making social connections or even having a normal conversation.
  • Although the friend circle is big but not able to share your feelings with anyone. 
  • No close friends.
  • Facing difficulty in talking with someone at a close or deeper level
  • Social engagement leaves you exhausted.
  • Living alone or isolated from everyone.
  • Frequent anxiety and palpitations.
  • Having nihilistic thoughts on certain occasions. 

How to get over it

Visit a doctor 

Don’t hesitate to check yourself with a mental health professional, if you are facing any symptoms leading to loneliness, as the symptoms of both loneliness and depression can be the same. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a counsellor or a psychiatrist, if facing any of the symptoms.

Social media use 

Loneliness in Men can happen even when they are connected to the world through social media.

The use of social media has become frequent. With the lives of your acquaintances just a tap away, you tend to use it more. But overuse of it hampers your mental health. The happy pictures, the vacation shots and other posts often push you into an introspection zone of not living your life to the fullest. 

Social media is just a tool to stay connected with your friends and not a cure for loneliness.

Try to open up to others 

Keeping things to yourself and not sharing it with anyone can make you more isolated from everyone. That’s why it is important for you to open up to others and be vulnerable, as it can result in a lot of help in overcoming loneliness.

Old friendship 

Old friends can help with loneliness in men.

Like it is said, old is gold, try to make your old friendships better and last longer. As with an old friend you will be able to open up better and not be embarrassed about anything. They understand you more and have seen you go through various stages of your lives . You can do that, by investing your time more with your friends, going out with them, binge watching, or doing things that you both appreciate and like. 


Having a pet is adding happiness to your life. Remember how your pet gets happy by your sight? If you treat them right they develop an eternal bond with you and give you little joys that ultimately ward off all the negative thoughts arising due to loneliness. 


Loneliness in Men is a part and parcel of their lives. Everyone of us, during our limited time on this planet has gone through a phase where we have felt the wand of loneliness in our lives. Even when you are an extrovert who enjoys the company of others and has made it your life mission to never be alone.

The truth about our lives is in the fact that in the end we all have to be dependent on our own selves. Hence, rather than giving loneliness the power to eat you up from inside, it is better to not give it that chance to grow and multiply. And with the above mentioned recommendations, we are sure that you will be able to get over it and move on to the next phase of your life. 



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