Breaking down Office Ethics for Men

Work is an important part of your life as you earn your bread and butter from it. If you want professional success, you certainly need to follow office ethics and make sure that you are a dedicated employee. Work ethics play an important role in our professional life. There have been instances where people were removed from their job due to poor work ethics. However, what are these office ethics for Men? Let’s have a look below.

Whether you own your own startup or are an employee at a company, being ethical at your organisation during work is of utmost importance. You cannot treat your workplace as your home, strolling around and taking work casually. With the startup culture we have definitely seen a leniency when it comes to being professional at our workplace. 

Although, it is important to note that even though startups give a window to make your space a more lenient and easy going space, it still follows certain codes and ethics that are a must while interacting in a societal norm. No employer will be ready to keep an employee who is not following the office ethics during work. 

As we talk about office ethics, have you ever thought about what are these sometimes even unsaid office ethics for men? We decided to take things in our hands and explain to you the office ethics for men. Have a look below to find out. 

Dress Code

There are many offices which are still following the dress code. This might be due to the fact that certain work spaces need to showcase their employees as under them, especially when these employees come face to face with the customers more often. Making sure that you follow the dress code is important at this kind of job. Make sure that you always have two pairs of your dress at your disposal and you always wear the clean and well presentable one. 

On the other hand, the startup culture has been promoting a more relaxed dressing sense at our workplace, making sure that their employees feel at ease while working. The advent of pandemic also made sure that many workplaces now allow their employees to have a semi formal dress code. While this does give the workers an extension to be comfortable, it still does not allow coming into the workplace in your shorts or in something that might not be work appropriate. As an employee, you need to follow this dress code and always come to work according to this dress code, unless told otherwise. 

Being Respectful

Being respectful to another human being is a part of an etiquette that every gentleman on this planet should follow. Be it while talking to your subordinates or while even having a conversation with your canteen guy. Making sure that each and every individual feels salient in your company can make any person’s day. 

As an employee of a company, you will be handling a lot of clients as well as will be in touch with your colleagues. Being disrespectful to them will never be tolerated by any of them, so you need to mind your manners and show respect to all of them. Even under the most difficult situations, you need to showcase respect and not lose your cool as it shows professionalism from your side. 


Professionalism is all about how you present yourself to your colleagues as well as to the higher authorities in your company. An employee and even an employer at times are expected to be professional while in an office environment. This includes being polite, respecting others boundaries, adhering to company rules, standards, code of conduct, and keeping their head in work.

If you engage in office politics as well as gossip in office, it would not be taken as professional at all. It is better to maintain a professional relationship with your colleagues while keeping private things private, rather than highlighting them.

Time Management

Time management is an important part of work ethics.

A very important factor to keep in mind while following ethics is to make time your best friend. 

As the employee of a company, you always need to manage your time at the workplace, rather than wasting it. Always be on time to work rather than being late. Be on time to work meetings, reply to emails or any other form of team communication in a timely manner rather than keeping your colleagues waiting. Also make sure that no deadlines are missed during work (very important). 

Be Accountable

A lot of employees have the tendency of making excuses when the work does not go as planned and it is because of their mistake. However, walking in their footsteps would be the wrong choice. 

Take accountability and be a responsible adult rather than pointing fingers. You are working in a fast paced, team friendly environment. It is important to own up to your mistakes, rather than letting your team suffer for the same. Always hold yourself accountable if a mistake has been made by you as well as apologise for it. Often things do not go as planned so making excuses will not work for you. 


Following office ethics will always work for a man as he will be taken as a responsible man as well as will be provided with many more opportunities in his career. These office ethics are the best ones that a man should follow and must be taken seriously if you want professional growth and success. Make sure that you have noted down all of these in your mind.

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